Effective Academic Speaking Skills Training Program

Kimler Katılabilir

This program is for university students with intermediate and advanced English comprehension skills.

Eğitim Süresi

42 Training Hours (each training hour = 45 minutes)

Eğitim Ücreti

Son Başvuru Tarihi

28 October 2019 Monday

Eğitim Yeri

İZÜ Altunizade Yerleşkesi

Eğitim Gün ve Saati

06 November – 20 December 2019
(Every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday / 18:00 – 19:30)

Placement Test and Interview:
02 November 2019 / Saturday (10:00-16:00 by appointment)

Eğitimin amacı

1. Learn Professional Speaking Techniques – Through training in the techniques of professional speech, participants will be able to make better presentations.

2. Apply the Skills – By being challenged again and again in a supportive environment and utilizing English to express themselves in various speaking scenarios, participants will internalize and enhance the knowledge they have and will receive about English and speaking techniques.

3. Gain Confidence – This program facilitates increased confidence, ease and capability necessary to meet the professional speaking challenges that the participants will face in their academic careers and beyond.

Eğitimin İçeriği

⮚Course and Personal Introductions

⮚Developing Nonverbal Communication Skills

⮚Language Power

⮚Speech Writing

⮚Audience Analysis

⮚Handling Tough Questions and Audiences

⮚Effective Presentations

⮚Instant Speeches

⮚Handling the Media

⮚Conducting Successful Meetings

⮚Application of Academic Speaking Skills



Sertifika / Katılım Belgesi

Participants who successfully complete the program are entitled to receive a certificate approved by İZÜSEM.

Devam Zorunluluğu

Participants must have a minimum of 80% attendance to complete this program.

Gerekli Belgeler

Identity Card Photocopy


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  • The class size is limited to a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 15 participants based on the placement test and interview of eligible applicants.
  • Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University Continuing Education Center (İZÜSEM) reserves the right to make any changes in the announcement and implementation stages of programs.
  • If the quota of the relevant program is limited, applicants who have been granted a definite registration by İZÜSEM and who have paid for the training program will not receive any reimbursement, regardless of whether or not the applicant participates in the program, except for those who submit a written request toİZÜSEM at least 2 weeks prior to the relevant program’s start date.
  • The program participant groups will be determined according to the number of accepted applicants in the final registration period.