Institutional Structure of the Islamic Economic System

  • Tarihler: 28 – 28 Şub, 2019

Public Seminar

Institutional Structure of the Islamic Economic System


Fundamental institutions are what identify an economic system. The Islamic economic system has its own fundamental institutions that determine its basic framework, the interaction of economic agents will take place within this framework to generate the objectives of the system. We will attempt to discuss these fundamental institutions and show similarities and differences with other systems.

Speaker: Prof Dr Monzer KAHF

Professor of Islamic economics and finance at IZU, born in Damascus and educated in the United States. He has 38 books on areas of Islamic Economics and Finance; some of them are translated into Turkish and other languages. He also has more than 77 articles published in recognized professional journals.

Venue: Seminar Room 1, IZU Halkali Campus
Date: 28 February 2019
Time: 15:30 – 17:20

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