Water Conservation Program Implementation
An average of 50 m3 of water per day and 10,500 m3 of water per year is taken from the well located in the ancient site within the campus. The water obtained is stored in our 2,000 m³ warehouse and used for irrigation of landscaping and gardens.

In addition, we have an 800 m³ garden irrigation tank and a well feeding it on the campus. Currently, 166 m³/day of water is obtained from the well. We have a fire pump connected to the tank and a pump group for irrigation.

An average of 4,200 m³ of water is collected annually in the pool created to collect clean water.
These recovered waters are used for irrigation of cultivated areas.

Daily (m³) Water Tank Capacity (m³) Annual Average (m³)
Ancient Well 50 800 10,500
Artesian Well 166 2,000 34,860
Water Collection Pool 20 400 4,200
Water Cistern 100 - 21,000
TOTAL 70,560

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