There are inorganic waste collectors such as electronic material waste units and waste battery collection boxes in suitable places of the campus. 
Collected battery wastes are taken by Küçükmece municipality and recycled by it.  
Old electronic items such as computers, laptops and printers are replaced with new ones and delivered to the relevant company. Our university provides computer equipments from HP Turkey firms. HP Turkey is transforming obsolete electronic equipments within the scope of HP's recycling program. 
Inorganic Waste Management
Amount of Waste Produced metric tons (mt) Amount of Recycled Waste metric tons (mt) Amount of Waste Mixed / Buried in the Soil metrik ton (mt)
2020 2021 2020 2021 2020 2021
Inorganic Waste 0,15 0,25 0,15 0,25 - -

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