Security and safety facilites
Security and safety facilites-2

With its professional monitoring team and the advanced camera systems, IZU maintains the required peace and order of the Campus 24/7. Our security officers work in different areas at the main entrances of our campuses, such as the vehicle and person control entrances, ensuring the safety of our buildings both day and night. Always taking the required safety precautions of all residents on our campus. The data on our main security and safety equipments is as follows.

1 CCTV Room
• 1 main monitoring center
• 8 security camera monitoring points
• 790 cameras in total

      o * 489 fixed cameras inside the building
      o * 290 fixed cameras outside the building
      o * 11 dome cameras

• 30 fire hydrants
• A total of 169 fire extinguishers

     o 49 pieces of 5 kg carbon dioxide powder fire extinguisher
     o 105 powder fire extinguishers of 6 kg
     o 1 carbon dioxide gas fire extinguisher tube of 10 kg
     o 8 powder fire extinguishers of 12 kg
     o 4 powder fire extinguishers of 50 kg
     o 2 foam fire extinguishers of 50 kgo 49 pieces of 5 kg carbon dioxide powder fire extinguisher
• 2 Campus main entrance gate
• 9 card pass turnstile system
• 2 turnstile system with card pass for the disabled
• 2 door detectors

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