Health infrastructure facilities for students, academics and administrative staffs' wellbeing

1. IZU Medical Center located on the campus, has all the authority and equipment of a health center which includes a two-bed observation room, examination room, doctor and nurse rooms. and provides therapeutic and preventive medicine services to our students, academicians and staff.

The Medical Center Laboratory, where blood and urine samples taken from patients will be examined, will be put into service soon.

2. Psychological Counseling and Guidance Unit: The counseling service is provided in the office to students, academicians and staff. There are two full-time and part-time psychologists in the Psychological Counseling and Guidance Unit on our campus.

All services provided botht in the Health Center and in the Psychological Counseling and Guidance Unit are free of charge.

3. First Aid Service Unit: The first aid service is carried out by the personnel of our unit and in cooperation with 39 personnel who have first aid certificates throughout the university. Emergency service is provided with the help of a specialist doctor and nurse, using emergency medicine and materials.

4. The Health Software: Thanks to the health software program we use, health services are provided more effectively and efficiently.

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