Our campus has many facilities to conserve plant, animal and wildlife, genetic resources for food and agriculture.

1. Completely organic sheep, chicken and pigeon breeding are carried out on the campus. There are 22 sheep and 53 chickens, and an average of 45 eggs are obtained per day.
2. The "Campus is our home too" project raises awareness about the protection of animals. Within the scope of the project, 6 animal care, protection and care facilities were established.
3. A safe living space for cats has been created with 10 cat nests.
4. There are many different bird species living in the forest areas on our campus. Many bird nests have been placed in various places for them.
5. Fruits such as apples, quinces, pomegranates, plums and grapes are produced from the orchard, which is regularly maintained on campus, and these are distributed to our staff and offered to all campus residents.
6. Rainwater collected in the pool is used for irrigation of landscape areas.
7. On our campus, there are 140 hobby gardens of 40 square meters allocated for the personnel. The staff has a natural production experience here.
8. The products collected from the linden trees in our campus are dried, packaged and distributed to the personnel.
9. Seed and sapling production practices are constantly being developed in the greenhouse located on the campus.

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