Number of innovative program(s) during Covid-19 pandemic

1. Gazebo Rest with Solar Panel project

Our campus has a peaceful environment with plenty of greenery. In this environment, campus residents want to spend time outdoors.

During the Covid 19 Pandemic, the Gazebo Rest with Solar Panel project has been developed to ensure that campus residents spend time in open areas as much as possible.

With the "Gazebo Rest with Solar Panel" project, it is aimed to make campus residents spent more efficient time outdoors with clean energy. The resting area, which is completely made of natural materials, is equipped with solar panels and provides clean energy. In this way, people can charge their personal devices such as computers, tablets and phones without leaving their environment and spend more time in the open and fresh air. In addition, disabled individuals can charge their vehicles here.

2. High efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters

High efficiency, fiber washable HEPA filters used in air handling units.

3. Disinfection practices and mask and disinfectant

During the Covid 19 period, regular and intensive disinfection works were carried out, and masks and disinfectants were placed at the entrances of all buildings and halls for campus residents.

Recyling site cable reels as a table

Waste of cable reels, which emerged as a result of building maintenance on the campus, has been recycled and brought into use with its nature-friendly raw materials and appearance.

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