Number of university program(s) to cope with Covid-19 pandemic


Distance Education Center

Distance Education Center was established to coordinate the practices of distance education and the studies were coordinated by this center.

Online Teaching

During the epidemic, all courses were held online. Following the appearance of the disease in Turkey, in line with the decision of the Council of Higher Education, the teaching and learning at IZU be held virtualy until the end of the 2020/2021 academik year.

Moodle, Jitsi, Big Blue Button and Teams were used for distance education.

Helpdesk for students during pandemic

Unlike normal conditions, the student helpdesk team is designed to provide 24/7 service by including information processing units, relevant administrative sciences and faculty representatives.

Virtual Workshops

During the pandemic, many online workshops were held with national and international participation, especially on the individual, social and economic effects of Covid-19.

Covid-19 Commission

A Covid-19 commission was formed under the chairmanship of our vice-rector and trainings were given to all staff at different times.

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