Letter of Acceptance

For the acceptance letter; İZÜTEM should contact the WhatShapp line by sending a message.

Required documents for acceptance letter;
1- Copy of passport,
2- Photo (1 piece)
3- Receipt of paying at least 2 courses of tuition fee
-The Letter of Acceptance is sent by e-mail within 3 working days after the application process or it is received by the applicant from the İZÜTEM office.

-The student who receives the acceptance letter applies to the Turkish Consulate in his country to get a "TURKISH LANGUAGE LEARNING VISA".

-After the visa is obtained, the entry is made a maximum of 10 days before the course start date. (According to the course start date, there are problems in official transactions in case of early or late entry to Turkey.)

-As soon as you enter Turkey (within the first three days), you must come to İZÜTEM's office and complete the registration process.

- If you have entered Turkey with a tourist visa, you must register for the courses within 30 days of your arrival in order to obtain a residence permit with your student document.

- Those residing in Turkey can register to İZÜTEM together with their registration documents.