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IZU Nuclear Detectors and Robotics Application and Research Center

Nuclear Detectors and Robotics Application and Research Center (NAR/NDR) has been established within Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University in order to ensure the advancement of systems in Turkey which will be used in combination and to direct research, application and development studies. The central regulation has become valid after being published in the Official Gazette dated 13 July 2020 and numbered 31184. NAR aims to conduct scientific studies in the fields of nuclear detectors systems that can operate in the high radiation area and under the extreme conditions; production of crystals used in detectors, and robotics; and to train the necessary workforce in this field.

The distinctness of NAR is that the basic and practical studies will be operated in the fields of nuclear technology and radiation physics. In a wide range of relevant spectrum, NAR will do research and development of robotics and intelligent systems in Turkey and the combination of these systems with nuclear detectors; and will encourage and support the training of specialized staff on these subjects, and the studies of robotics and intelligent system in the new areas with the accumulation of international developments.

Through NAR, it is intended that our university’s lecturers, graduate and doctorate students directly contribute more to the scientific studies and also it is aimed to make concrete contributions in determining our country’s lifelong education policies. In addition, NAR is expected to include out of institution and international project-based contributions. With the joint studies which will be conducted by the local and international expert scientists’ contributions, internationally acceptable data will be achieved.

In our country and around the world many studies on robotics are being performed. However, the use of nuclear sciences and technologies with the robotics technologies is a very new area, hence it is necessary to switch to nuclear energy generation technology in a short time. Rather than purchasing the high technology, economically and scientifically it is our aim to achieve training of experts who will make it work. International cooperation is an undeniable requirement to train experts who will create necessary technical equipment and infrastructures; and to integrate with the works being done around the world. The establishment of NAR will ensure the generation of an infrastructure that can produce advanced technology in our region, the encouragement of individuals and industrial organizations that follow the up-to-date information and renew themselves, directing young people to R & D activities, and bringing in a qualified workforce to our country.

Within NAR, it is aimed to conduct scientific research and organize training in the fields of;

  • Designing new robot systems,
  • Examining the existing robot systems,
  • Designing swarm robot systems,
  • Designing autonomous robot systems,
  • Medical robotics applications,
  • Sectoral robotics applications and trainings,
  • Special controller design and applications,
  • Development and application of new nuclear detector technologies,
  • Development of new generation systems for characterizations of nuclear waste,
  • Developing systems for detection and labelling of nuclear waste,
  • Development of remote controlled or autonomous nuclear detector, underwater/above water/land/air robots,
  • Development and application of autonomous radioactivity detection and tracking systems,