Practice and Research Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning (CELT)  


The Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence motivates students to solve problems and learn more about the world, and help them become self-driven learners. CELT collaborates with staff, departments, and support units to foster teaching capacity and promote IZU institutional culture that values effective teaching and meaningful learning.


The Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence pursues the vision of positioning IZU at the forefront of innovative learning and teaching institutions using 21st Century tools and approaching at an international level. The Center inspires excellence and innovation in teaching.


The Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence creates and provides programming, resources and opportunities that foster innovative and effective pedagogical practices among all who teach at IZU.


  • Support active learning and teaching activities of IZU staff using innovative educational technologies
  • Assist staff in planning their teaching activities by organizing seminars on new pedagogical approaches in education
  • Contribute to the development of curriculum and learning environments by gathering information and data on teaching activities within the framework of excellence in education and continuous development
  • Help to carry out academic research activities in order to improve teaching processes
  • Support staff educators to be forward thinking, continuously improve themselves, master technology and use their creativity, leadership, critical thinking and research competences;
  • Establish and sustain the necessary infrastructure and inspiring environment for students and staff
  • Bridge teaching and research in class.
  • Promote educational technologies in and outside the classroom for better learning outcomes along with support for the faculty, staff, and students on technology-related issues.