Library Rules

Students and staff from our university and researchers from outside the institution can benefit from the library services within the framework of the following rules.

1. Students, academic and administrative staff of our university are accepted as natural members of the library. However, in order to borrow books from the library, it is necessary to submit their institutional identity and become a member.

2. Our library is open to use for lecturers and students of other universities as a result of the cooperation between universities. However, it is also possible for these people to borrow materials through the library of their own university.

3. Academic staff can borrow 10 books for 2 months. Students and administrative staff can borrow 3 books for 15 days. The period of lending books can be extended 2 times, [1]its provided that the book is displayed in the library and not requested by another user. When necessary, the Head of Department of Library may re-determine the lending times and the number of materials that can be given.  

4. Library materials can not be taken out of the library without permission. Legal ways will be applied for those who take any books out of the library without permission from the authorities.

5. The following books are not borrowed.

     ● Encyclopedia, dictionary, atlas, etc. counseling resources

     ● Non-printed theses,

     ● Textbooks determined by the instructors can not be requested to be borrowed.


6. Students are required to obtain a discharge certificate from the library when they graduate or when their school enrollment are deleted. Students who are indebted to the library are not given a discharge certificate.

7. Staff who are separated for the following reasons; retirement, transfer, resignation, military service, etc.  are obliged to return the borrowed books and receive the discharge certificate from the library.  Staff who are indebted to the library are not given a discharge certificate.

8. No materials will be borrowed to the user who does not return the borrowed materials when the return period has passed.

9. People from outside the institution, who want to conduct research on any subject can use our library.

10. Members[3] of IZU can request for books, magazines, etc. These demands;

     ● They may speak to the Library staffs personally.

     ● They can send an email to "kutuphane@izu.edu.tr" veya kasim.celik@izu.edu.tr

     ● They can send the request via the Faculty or Department with an official letter.

The requests are processed and the related materials are added to the library.

11. Criminal Provisions:

      ● For every book or magazine borrowed and not returned on the deadline, a penalty of 50 Kurus will be charged daily.

      ● Library users can not borrow books from the library if their monetary penalty exceed 25.00 TL.

      ● For library material that is worn or lost to the extent that repairs are not possible, then the same or new printing of the material is requested from the borrower. If it is not possible to find the same or new printing, 50% of the fair value of the material will be collected from the borrower.

      ● The materials borrowed by the staff will be assumed to have disappeared if not returned after the second reminder notice. In this case, the Budget Department will be notified of the person with a fair value of 50%.

Money collected for delayed or lost materials is accepted as income to the University. These revenues are primarily used for the needs of the Library.