Announcement of Graduate Course Selection Procedures

Dear student,
You can make your course selection process for the fall semester of the 2021-2022 academic year between 29 September-01 October 2021 at with your Campus Information System e-mail address and password.
As of the fall semester of the 2021-2022 academic year;
• Doctoral students:
     Ph.D. Qualification Exam
     Ph.D. Thesis Proposal
     Ph.D. Thesis
• Master's students with thesis:
     Master’s Thesis
     Master's students with non-thesis:
     Master’s Project
is compulsory to choose the course periods.

1. Those who do not know the e-mail address and password of the Campus Information System can renew their passwords at via the "Forgot My Password" link.
2. Your course selections must be approved by the course coordinators.
3. Your Thesis/Project, Ph.D. Qualification and Ph.D. Thesis Proposal selections will be automatically approved by the system.
4. Students who do not have a Thesis/Project advisor should contact the Department and request an advisor to be appointed. (A thesis advisor other than the Thesis/Project Advisor in the Student Information section of cannot be selected. Students who request a thesis advisor change should contact the Department.)
5. If you have any problems during the course selection process, you can contact your program manager via e-mail. (Click for the e-mail addresses of the Program Responsibles.)
6. Students who receive a debt warning during the course selection can learn their debt and pay by going to
7. Those who have completed 4 semesters of education in doctoral and master's programs with thesis cannot choose a course.
8. Those who have completed the 3-semesters study period in non-thesis master's programs cannot choose a course.
9. The responsibility of the course selection process belongs entirely to the student.
10. The starting date of the classes is 04 October 2021. Click for the Academic Calendar. 
11. Before the course selection process, you must enter the address and define your HEPP code. Students who do not have a HES code will not be able to enter our University Campuses.
12. The std e-mail addresses of all our new students registered in the 2021-2022 Fall semester are arranged as These students have to set their own passwords. To set their passwords; They can proceed by making forgot password at