The English Preparatory Class English Placement (level assessment) and Proficiency Exams

For the Attention of IZU ENGLISH Prep Class Students!

Dear students, welcome to our university. The ENGLISH preparatory class English Placement (level assessment) and Proficiency exams, which will be held between 27 September – 1 October 2021, will be applied as follows (all the times given below are İstanbul, Turkey Local Time):

1. The Foreign Language (ENGLISH) Placement Exam, which is announced to be held on September 27, 2021 (at 10:00 am) in the academic calendar, will be held ONLINE on the same day and time. Although it was announced to you formerly via SMS that this exam would be held face-to-face, it has been decided to administer the exam REMOTELY and ONLINE, taking into account the high number of students who will take the exam and the pandemic conditions.

2. It is NOT compulsory for you to take the English Placement Exam. Students who do not take this exam will start their education at the level of “A1: Breakthrough” in accordance with the Article 10 (4) of the Foreign Language Preparatory Class Education and Examination Directive (

3. The English Placement Exam will be administered on the Cambridge exam platform and the exam will be accessible via this link:

Your username and password, which you will need for the Exam, will be delivered to you at 10:00 on Monday, September 27, in the classes that will be created on the  platform beforehand.

5. The mentioned Ms Teams classes will be created by our instructors (on Friday, September 24 at the latest) and you will continue to be contacted via your Ms Teams classes and/or your University e-mail addresses.

6. In order for us to communicate with you easily and quickly, please login to (Office 365)  platform and regularly check the messages in your "Outlook" account and "Ms Teams" classes using your university e-mail username and password (with the extension, which was notified to you after registration.

7. In addition, students who want to take the ENGLISH Placement Exam for any reason in the computer labs at Halkalı Campus of our University will be able to benefit from this opportunity. These students are required to forward their requests to their teachers in the "Ms Teams" classes or send an e-mail message to Şeyma SUNAY at until 17:00 on Sunday, September 26. These students are requested to be present at the square in front of the entrance Door of School of Languages (Dilek Cafe side) at Halkalı Campus, before 10:00 am on Monday, September 27.

8. Students whose level is B2 and above (C1) in the English Placement Exam will be entitled to take the English Proficiency Exam, which will be held face-to-face on September 29 - October 1, 2021.

9. Students whose level is lower than B2 (A1, A2 or B1) in the English Placement Exam will start their English education from the morning of 4 October 2021, at their own level.

10. We wish you all success.