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Faculty of Islamic Sciences


Students Mobility for Studies Application Announcement

Tunisia - Ez-Zitouna University

Contract Number: 2018-1-TR01-KA107-056256


1 March 2019

Announcement of applications

1 April 2019

Starting date for Application and Document Submission

22 April 2019

Application and document submission deadline

24 April 2019

Erasmus Arabic Language Proficiency Exam

26 April 2019

Announcing Erasmus Arabic exam results

27 April 2019

Preliminary Assessment Results

29 April - 3 May 2019

Duration of objection to preliminary assessment results

7 May 2019

Final Evaluation Results

7-14 May 2019

Disclaimer Dates

Our students can follow up to possible updates on calendar on the web page of IZU Erasmus Institution Coordinatorship.

Erasmus + Mobility For Studies with Partner Countries

Who can apply?

Full-time students enrolled in the Faculty of Islamic Sciences, Islamic Sciences (30% Arabic) and Islamic Sciences (100% Arabic) undergraduate departments.

How to Apply?

The application process consists of 2 stages.


2-Document Delivery


Preliminary Applications are received via the Erasmus + Online Application System. (

If applied for the first time, the student e-mail (with the extension must be confirmed by clicking on the "Register & Apply" section.

If you have applied before, you can access the application form by entering the application system with your student e-mail and password of

Document Delivery

After the application is completed, the "Application Form" should be printed on the system, signed and submitted to Erasmus Office with the necessary documents. After the documents have been submitted to Erasmus Office, your application will be checked.

If your application is an appropriate application, your application status in the system will be updated as "Office Approved" by Erasmus Office employees.

You can visit the Erasmus Office to print the application form and other documents.

Informations made to the students during the application are made via e-mail address which is entered to the system.

Required Documents

Online Application Form. (Can be printed from Erasmus Office.)

Within the scope of Şehit and Gazi Neighborhood, Disability and Social Services Law No. 2828, protection, care or shelter decision documents should be uploaded to online application system. (The originals of these documents must be submitted to the Erasmus Institutional Coordinator).

The official (signed and sealed) transcript must be collected at the time of application from the Student Affairs Office showing the cumulative grade point average.

Minimum Requirements

In order to participate in the activity, students must meet the following minimum requirements:
To be a student in Islamic Sciences (% 30 Arabic) or Islamic Studies (% 100 Arabic),
To be a full-time student (students responsible to take 30 ECTS)
Cumulative academic average of at least 2.20 / 4.00,
Documentation of Arabic Language Proficiency at B2 Level,
If Erasmus + and Lifelong Learning (LLP) have benefited from higher education mobility activities within the current education level, the total duration of the new activity does not exceed 12 months.

Selection Criteria

Evaluation criteria and weighted points to be used in evaluating mobility applications are as follows:


Weighted Point

Academic achievement level

60% (total over 100 points)

Language Level

40% (total over 100 points)

Martyrs and veterans

+15 points *

Disabled students (provided that the disability is documented)

+10 points

Students who are entitled to protection, care or shelter within the scope of Social Services Law No. 2828

+10 points **

Previous use (with or without grant,each application)

-10 points***

Participation in mobility in the country of citizenship

-10 points

For students selected for mobility: Non-attendance to meetings / trainings organized by the higher education institution regarding mobility (if the student applies to Erasmus again)

-5 points


* According to Article 21 of the Anti-Terror Law No. 3713, dated 12/4/1991, as well as the spouses and children of combat veterans and their spouses and children and martial martyrs, even if the public officials perform their duties at home and abroad or have removed their titles, the coup attempt and the act of terrorism on 15 July 2016, in accordance with Article 7 of the Decree Law No. 667 of 23 July 2016, with the spouses and children of those killed, killed or killed, who were injured as a counterpart to the acts of terrorism. the spouses and children of the people who lost their lives due to the actions taken, or the civilians who are discharged and their spouses and children are prioritized if they apply for Erasmus + student mobility.

** For prioritization, the student must submit a letter from the Ministry of Family and Social Policies stating that there is a protection, care or shelter decision pursuant to Law No. 2828.

***In the case of prior access, 10 points may not be applied for activities other than those carried out at the previous level of education or outside of student / internship mobility. It is applied if a student who has performed a mobility again applies to the same educational level.

Erasmus + Grants Mobility Option

Within the scope of the Erasmus + Program, selected students can receive an Erasmus + grant to cover their living costs during the period of mobility. Erasmus + Grant is an additive and may not meet the costs (visas, accommodation, flight tickets and living expenses) for 100% before and during the mobility. In this case, the student must meet the missing part.


Partner Country

Partner University

Montly İndividual Support


Ez-Zitouna University

700 Euro


Grants will be provided to the selected students for 5 months.

Travel Support

Partner Country

Partner University

Travel Grant


Ez-Zitouna Universitesi (Zeytune Üniversitesi)

275 Euro

For Once




Quota with Grant

Faculty of Islamic Sciences

Islamic Sciences (%30 Arabic) Bachelor

Islamic Sciences (%100 Arabic) Bachelor

3 Students

Erasmus + Zero Grant Mobility Option

Students may use this right at the time of application by using the "Unable to Participate" option in the online form or by notifying the Erasmus Institution Coordinator after the results have been announced. Although Erasmus + students are selected with or without grant; they do not pay tuition fees, registration and exam fees, or library use fees.

Additional Grants for Special Needs Owners

Students with disabilities can receive additional grants for their specific needs. For more information, please contact Erasmus Institution Coordinator.

Erasmus Institution Coordinatorship