2018-2019 Spring - Erasmus+ - ICM - Jordan MEU Faculty of Management Staff Mobility for Teaching Applications


(03 January - 11 September 2019)





Middle East University (MEU)


Project Number: 2018-1-TR01-KA107-056256


14 November 2018

2018-2019 KA-107 (Jordan) Staff Mobility for Teaching application announcement

05 December 2018

2018-2019 KA-107 (Jordan) Staff Mobility for Teaching start date of applications

21 December 2018

2018-2019 KA-107 (Jordan) Staff Mobility for Teaching end date of applications

23 December 2018

Announcement of pre-evaluation results

24-26 December 2018

Objection dates for pre-evaluation results

27 December 2018

Identifying the Selected, Spare and without grant candidates and announcement of the placement results

27 December 2018 – 03 January 2019

Withdrawal dates for the selected candidates


For possible changes made to the calendar our personnel can follow it up on the web page of IZU Erasmus Institution Coordinator.

Important Note: Dates of participation in the mobility is between 03.01.2019 / 11.09.2019.



Erasmus+ Program Countries Staff Mobility for Teaching

Staff Mobility for Teaching, staff who are working at an ECHE owned Higher Education Institution in Turkey and are a staff who is obligated to teaching, Erasmus + is a field of activity that enables staff to perform academic / educational activities in cooperation with the counterparty in terms of giving lectures in a higher education institution within the scope of Erasmus + KA-107 in Partner Countries.

Seminars and conferences cannot be supported within the scope of the activity.



Who can apply?

Only academic staff who are obliged to teach in the programs given below can apply for this application.

Faculty of Business and Management Sciences (Bachelor)


How to apply?

Academics who wish to apply must complete the online application form at https://applyerasmus.izu.edu.tr/. The application form will be active on 05 December 2018.


Application Requirements

  • Careful read-out should be done before applying.
  • The eligibility of the dates of use of the application must be checked. The opinion of the unit manager should be taken as to the suitability of the date of activity.
  • Online Application Form must be completed correctly.
  • Photo must be attached to the application form.
  • If there is a letter of invitation from the destination institution, it must be uploaded to the system.
  • Language Certificate if applicable (Accepted equivalence by the University, TOEFL-IBT, TOEFL-CBT, TOEFL-PBT, YDS, YÖKDİL and IELTS the results can be uploaded to the system. (YDS and YÖK Dil documents will be evaluated in accordance with the validity requirement of 5 years. The validity date of the other examination certificates are 2 years).
  • Personnel with disabilities should upload the disability certificate to the system.
  • War veteran personnel should upload the war veteran certificate to the system.
  • Martyrs and veterans relatives of the staff,should upload their document of proof.
  • If a step of the higher education level is completed in a foreign language, it must be documented.


Selection Criteria


Evaluation criteria and weighted points to be used for evaluating mobility applications are as follows:


Erasmus+ Program Countries Staff Mobility for Teaching Evaluation Criteria



To be obliged to teach in the programs covered by the Erasmus + KA-107 project

Criteria No

Criteria Description

Criteria Rating


Benefiting from the program for the first time



If the staff has benefited from the program during the same Erasmus+ project period



If the staff has benefited from the program during the previous Erasmus+ project period



Tohave benefited from the program in two previous Erasmus + project



Disabled personnel



Veteran personnel



Being a family member of martyr and a veteran person,



Those who gave up from their right to participate on the previous Erasmus+ project without showing a compelling reason



The staff certifying the result of the examination such as YÖKDİL, YDS, TOEFL, IELTS or equivalence examination accepted by OSYM will be awarded with the points as indicated in the table on the side


In the event that the personnel who completed the doctorate degree abroad and do not have a valid Foreign Language Certificate, Foreign Language Score will be accepted in the 81-90 band and +8 points are added to the score point.
















According to the year of service in IZU, academic staff are given points as indicated in the table next.

Service Years

Awarded Points

0-1 years


1-2 years


2-3 years


3-5 years




If there is equality in the ranking, the following priorities shall be applied respectively until the equality is broken.


Staff in Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University who have more service time




The online applications are evaluated according to the above criteria. The applicants with the highest score are selected as Selected, spare and without grant.


Erasmus + Grant Mobility Option

The amount of daily grant to be given to the employees who will benefit from the mobility for teaching is determined by the National Agency by taking into consideration the living standards of the countries: 


Daily grant amount

Travel Support

180 Avro

275 Avro


Our eligible employees will receive grants and travel support for 5 days of activity.


Staff who wish can benefit from the mobility of teaching without a grant.


The grant is given to staff benefiting from the Staff Mobility for Teaching. It is not intended to cover all expenses related to the period abroad.



Erasmus+ without grant option


Personnel may use this right at the time of application by using the Without Grant preference in the online form or by notifying the Erasmus Institution Coordinator after the results have been announced.


Additional Grants for Special Needs Owners


For mobility of persons with disabilities, they can receive additional grants according to their specific needs. For more information, please contact Erasmus Institution Coordinator.






With Grant (Selected)




Without Grant