Erasmus + 2018-2019 Spring - ICM – Jordan - MEU Application for Student Mobility for Studies for the Faculty of Business and Managerial Sciences




Jordan – Middle East University (MEU)

Project Number: 2018-1-TR01-KA107-056256


International Credit Mobility (ICM – KA-107) What is it?

With the start of the Erasmus + Program in 2015, the Erasmus field of application has been expanded and the mobilization of higher education students and staff has become possible with many countries, called as Partner Countries. This mobility is called the International Credit Mobility.


17 October 2018

Announcement of the Applications

7 November 2018

Application start date for the MEU 2018-2019 spring semester Erasmus+ Student Mobility for Studies

13 November 2018

International Credit Mobility Information Meeting

30 November 2018

Application end date for the MEU 2018-2019 spring semester Erasmus+ Student Mobility for Studies

3 December 2018

Erasmus English Language Proficiency Exam 14:00

07 December 2018

Announcement of the results of Erasmus English Language Proficiency Exam

10 December 2018

Announcement of Preliminary Evaluation Results

10-14 December 2018

Date of objection to preliminary evaluation results

17 December 2018

Announcement of Final Evaluation Results, announcement of the selected and spare list

17-24 December 2018

Waiver date for candidates

25 December 2018

Student Orientation Program, compulsory to attend


Students applying for this Mobility will benefit in the spring semester of 2018-2019

For possible changes made to the calendar students can follow up on the web page of IZU Erasmus Institution Coordinator.


Who Can Apply?

Learning mobility within the scope of the project will be held at the undergraduate level in Business Administration with our partner university in Jordan.

Faculty of Business and Management Sciences (Undergraduate Students)

  • Business Administration (%30 English)
  • Economics (%30 English)
  • International Trade and Finance
  • International Trade and Finance (English)
  • Islamic Economics and Finance
  • Islamic Economics and Finance (English)

Minimum Requirements

In order to participate in the activity, students must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • To be a bachelor's degree student in Business Administration and Management Science Faculty
  • To be a full-time student (having the obligation to take 30 ECTS courses)
  • Cumulative academic grade point average is at least 2.20 / 4.00 (72 out of 100),
  • Documentation of English Language Proficiency at B2 Level
  • If the student participated in Erasmus+ and/or Lifelong Learning Program (LLP) with the higher education mobility activities within its current education level, the total duration of the activities should not exceed 12 months.

Important Note: Students who are in the 1st year in the current situation and who will be in the first year in the 2018-2019 Spring semester cannot benefit from the mobility.

Minimum and Maximum Duration

The European Commission determines the duration for student learning mobility as at least 3 months and maximum 12 months. However, according to the budget allocated to the university within the scope of the project, students who are selected can benefit from mobility grant for maximum 5 months.

The mobility period must be carried out continuously.

In the case the Certificate of Participation states that the mobility was less than 3 months, the activity is considered invalid and no grant payment is made to the beneficiary. In case the Certificate of Participation states the mobility as less than 3 months, the student must return the entire grant.

How to Apply?

Applications are done at our Erasmus+ Online Application System (

The documents required for application must be uploaded to the online application system at the time of application.

If applied for the first time, the student e-mail (with the extension of must be confirmed by clicking on the "Register & Apply" section.

If you have applied before, you can access the application form by logging into the application system with your student e-mail and password of extension.

Application Requirements

  • Careful read-out should be done before applying.
  • The eligibility of the dates of the mobility must be checked..
  • Online Application Form must be completed.
  • Photo must be attached to the application form.
  • If there is a Certificate of Language (TOEFL-IBT, TOEFL-CBT, TOEFL-PBT, YDS, YÖKDİL and IELTS exams are accepted as equivalent by the University) YDS and YÖKDİL Language Examination documents will be evaluated by taking 5 years of validity into consideration. The validity period of other language proficiency certificates is 2 years.)
  • If there is a university English Preparation School grade, it must be uploaded to the system.
  • Disabled students must upload their document into the system.
  • students who is relative of a martyrs or veteran must upload their documents into the system
  • Under the Social Services Law No: 2828, if a decision on protection, care or shelter is required, the Ministry of Family and Social Policies should issue a letter of protection, maintenance or shelter in accordance with Law no. 2828 on the system.

Selection Criteria

Evaluation criteria and weighted points to be used for evaluating mobility applications are as follows:


Weighted Points

Level of academic achievement

%60 (out of 100 points)

Language proficiency

%40 (out of 100 points)

Martyr and veteran children

+15 points*

Disabled students (disability is documented)

+10 points

Students who are entitled to protection, care or shelter within the scope of Social Services Law No: 2828

+10 points**

If participated to the program before (with or without grant, each participation)

-10 points***

Participation in mobility in the country of citizenship

-10 points

For students who are selected for mobility: Non-attendance to meetings / trainings organized by the higher education institution regarding mobility (if the student applies to Erasmus again)

-5 points

According to Article 21 of the Anti-Terror Law No. 3713, dated 12/4/1991, as well as the spouses and children of combat veterans and their spouses and children and martial martyrs, they were also in accordance with Article 7 of the Decree Law No. 667 of 23 July 2016 on the date of July 15, 2016, with the coup attempt and act of terrorism, the spouses and children of the people who lost their lives due to the actions or the civilians who are discharged and their spouses and children are prioritized if they apply for Erasmus + student mobility.

** For prioritization, the student must submit a letter from the Ministry of Family and Social Policies stating that there is a protection, care or shelter decision pursuant to Law No. 2828.

*** Applying -10 points in case of prior access does not apply to mobility outside of the previous educational level or other higher education student / internship mobility. It is applied if a student who has performed a mobility reapplies within the same educational level.

Information about Assessment Criteria

Academic Achievement Level (50%)

The cumulative academic grade point average of the student at the time of application is converted into a percentage point system and evaluated.

The grade of the student during the application is automatically taken to the Erasmus Application Form via the Campus Information System.

The minimum undergraduate grade point average to participate in the Mobility is 2:20 / 4.00 - 72/100

Click here for the IZU Note Conversion Chart.

Undergraduate students who do not have a cumulative grade point average cannot apply.

Language Level (%50)

Applicants can take the Erasmus + Language Proficiency Exam organized by the Foreign Languages Coordinatorship.

The students can apply with the Preparation Graduation Note at B2 level which they have received from the Foreign Languages Coordinatorship.

The Erasmus + Language Proficiency Exam consists of Grammar, Listening, Reading and Writing. (Speaking exam is not included.)

IZU Erasmus + Language Proficiency Exam is valid for 2 years.

In addition, candidates can apply with YDS, YÖKDİL, TOEFL-IBT-CBT-PBT and IELTS scores to determine the foreign language level. For TOEFL and IELTS documents to be evaluated, a validity period of 2 years is accepted for YDS and for YÖKDİL a validity period of 5 years.

Click here for the conversion table of YDS, YÖKDİL, TOEFL-IBT-CBT-PBT and IELTS scores to IZU Erasmus + Language Proficiency Exam score.

Foreign Language Minimum Requirement

At our university, the foreign language threshold required for participation in mobility was determined to be at least B2 level of 70 points.

About the Language Proficiency Exam

The Language Proficiency Exam is conducted by the Foreign Languages Coordinator.

Requests and objections to the language examination must be made to the Foreign Languages Coordinator.

Erasmus+ With Grant Option

Within the Erasmus + Program, selected students may receive an Erasmus + grant to cover their living costs during the period of mobility. Grant distribution, application number, destination country depends on the budget, which will come from the National Agency. Erasmus + Grant is an additive and may not meet the full costs (visas, accommodation, flight tickets and living expenses) before and during mobility. In this case, the student must cover the missing part.

Partner Country

Partner University

Monthly Grant Studies


Middle East University (MEU)

700 (EUR)

Travel Support

Partner Country

Partner University

Travel Support


Middle East Üniversity

One-time only





Without Grant

Business and Management Sciences Faculty

2 Students



Erasmus+ without grant option

Students can use this right at the time of application by using the "No Grant" preference or by informing the Erasmus Institution Coordinatorship after the results are announced. Although Erasmus + students are selected with or without grant; they do not pay tuition fees, registration and exam fees, or library fees.

Special Needs and Accompanying Support

The Erasmus + Program encourages the participation of disadvantaged participants in the program. The Erasmus + Program contributes to additional costs with guidance, welcome, physical access, pedagogical and technical support for participants with physical, mental or other disabilities.

Grant support is provided for the special needs of the disabled participants. 100% of eligible costs are covered by grant support for people with special needs. In addition to additional grant support, disabled individuals and their supporters are offered support on issues such as guidance, pedagogical and technical assistance, reception, physical access.

For further information, please contact the Erasmus office.

Points To Be Careful About When Applying

  • Students may only apply for the 2018-2019 spring semester.
  • It is compulsory to take 30 ECTS courses in one semester. Therefore, students with a low number of ECTS load at the graduation stage cannot apply.
  • Students who will be in the 1st year in the 2018-2019 Spring semester cannot benefit from the activity.