Islamic Finance and Stock Market Workshop held at IZU

IZU contributes Islamic Finance studies in Turkey. In the past few days, our University hosted Islamic Finance and Stock Market Workshop within this field. Academicians and prominents of the financial and banking sector participated in the workshop which was held on Wednesday, September 12, 2018.


“Islam will be an exact solution in the field of finance just as in every issue.”

President of the Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University, Prof. Dr. Mehmet BULUT said: "Universities shares its knowledge with the society. That we will pursue the Islamic Finance studies. Economic fluctuations do not affect us. What really matters is the Islamic Economic System.Moreover, that “We will pursue Islamic Finance Studies insistently. The world will understand us one day ,because there is no better option than the Islamic Economic System.”


“Islamic Finance is production indexed.”

Vice president of the IZU Prof. Dr. Arif Ersoy said: "The basis of Islamic Finance are transformation saving into production and to accumulate capital. What really matters is to improve the real economy. This way inflation will become under control. Income injustice issues will be solved. The Capitalist system prioritizes trade with symbolic currencies and values. This is the source of global inequality of income.”

“Islamic Finance has the potential to become the center of economy.”

Government of Turkey wants Istanbul to be the financial center. At the same time, government supports Islamic Finance. Furthermore capital market of Turkey is strong and advanced.

In conclusion four sessions were held at the Islamic Finance and Bourse Workshop:

  • Sukuk Applications in Turkey
  • The Role and Importance of Stock Exchange in Capital Formation
  • Modern Economy / Finance and the Ottomans
  • Sukuk Applications in The World

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