The Pakistani Minister of State for Interior Visited IZU

“The Future of Pakistan and Pakistani-Turkish Relations” conference was held at the ISEFAM of IZU on 21.02.19. The president Prof. Dr. Mehmet Bulut welcomed guests and opened the conference with an welcoming speech. He expressed how crucial the relations between the two countries are, by saying “Pakistan is our brother country”. Right after Prof. Dr. Bulut’s speech the Pakistani Minister of State for Interior Shehryar Khan Afridi took the stage, and stared his speech saying “Turkey lives right in the heart of every Pakistani”. He said “Pakistani households made a commitment to fight for the future of the Muslim Ummah with the brothers and sisters from Turkey”. Furthermore, he explained how the Pakistanis fight against terrorism and the unfair judgement the Muslims are facing.

After his remarks, the audience started interacting and asking their questions, regarding the topics he mentioned throughout his speech. Although, the minister was running out of time he made sure that all the questions the audience had were fully answered and understood. When the conference came to an end, The president Prof. Dr. Mehmet Bulut presented an appreciation gift to the Pakistani minister Shehryar Khan Afridi, as a return for his pleasing visit and his valuable speech.