LOSEV in Campus

(LOSEV: Fondation For Children with Leukemia)
On 25th october, a seminar titled as ''LOSEV in Campus'' held at Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University with the contributions of Social Work Club.
At present time LOSEV Foundation has 3,5 million volunteers. The Foundation aims to reach 5 million members.

Unfortunately, cancer rates soar up in Turkey during the recent years. Even the unborn offspring babies are diagnosed with leukemia sometimes. The importance of healthy foods was mentioned in the seminar.

Leukemia is not infectious disease. Leukemia patients wear mask to avoid being affected by others. To create awareness for Leukemia patients wear your mask and share photo with tag of  @losev1998 on the Children with Leukemia Week.

For detailed information: https://www.losev.org.tr/v6/duyuru/masketi-tak-ve-fotografini-paylas-14    

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