2nd International Conference on The Muslim Ummah

The International Muslim Ummah Conference took place between October 14-16 2018 in Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University.


Numerous academics from prestigious universities attended the conference organized by Center for Islamic and Global Affairs housed by the University. The current problems faced in the Muslim World were discussed in detail.


Prof. Sami Al Arian, coordinator of Center of Islamic and Global Affairs stated many challenges Muslim world is facing such as sectarianism, secularism, nationalism, colonialism and the role of religion in the society were discussed during the conference. “Multiple disputes in the muslim societies raise the tension overall. We will try to analyse and solve these disputes.” Al- Arian said adding the conference took place in four themes and six panels.


“Al Arian said “Participants will convey the message that the problems in the Muslim World is going to be solved in a way that will bring peace to the World, adding that the matters such as “Colonialism settling in Middle East” and “Israel’s Occupation of Palestine” were discussed for three days.  


 “Global Powers Should Not Condone The Problems”

 “We will discuss the Islamic world’s and maybe the whole world’s future from every aspect including nationalism, imperialism and new colonialism with the competent academics from Turkish universities and world’s other prestigious universities. We will bring our students and academics together and argue whether academia can contribute solving the problems faced in our country, our region and in our world.  We publish the conference proceedings after these type of conferences and we are trying to develop a collaboration. These academicians will affect the people who are in charge of managing their countries and we believe these academicians who are voicing the public’s conscience in an honest way, will affect the people in higher positions in their country. We are conducting these activities in digital platforms and I hope the conference proceedings we will publish will reflect the results of the conference and the results will be taken into consideration by the politicans in powerful countries.” Rector of Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University, Prof Mehmet Bulut said, informing about the conference.


The Past And Present Of Arabic Politics Will Be Compared

Prof Joseph Massad from Columbia University stated in his speech that he will make a comparison between 1945-1980 era & post 80s era of Arab Politics.  “I will talk about the contrast between the intellectual and cultural contribution between 1945-1980 otherwise known as The National Salvation in Arabic world and the contribution in the liberal regimes after 1980” said Prof Joseph Massad.

 “The politics between 45-80 mostly focused on economical developments which are equal pay, free education and healthcare while in present day we see these policies staying in front. This change in Arab world affected both secular and Islamist liberals. Even though we’ve seen these two parties agree in political democracy topics such as political representation, we’ve seen that in West Palestine, Algeria and Egypt secular liberals are more committed to the policies than Islamist Liberals”

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