Disaster Relief Report from the Indonesian Community on IZU for Indonesia

Overview of Disaster News in Palu and Donggala

The earthquake with a magnitude of 7.7 which was later updated by BMKG to a magnitude of 7.4 has shaken the territory of Palu and Donggala, Central Sulawesi on 28/9/2018 at 17.02 WIB. The epicenter of the earthquake was 10 km on 27 km east of the Donggala Sea, Central Sulawesi. Earthquake has the potential to cause a tsunami. BMKG has activated tsunami early warning with Alert status (high potential tsunami 0.5 - 3 meters) on the western Donggala coast, and Hazard status (tsunami potential height less than 0.5 meters) on northern Donggala coast, northern Mamuju and West Palu City. BMKG has ended tsunami early warning since 28/9/2018 at 17.36 WIB. Based on the confirmation to BMKG, a tsunami struck the beach. The BNPB Command Post also confirmed to BPBD that the tsunami had hit the Talise beach in Palu City and the beach in Donggala. Some videos documented by the community and disseminated on social media about tsunamis in Palu and Donggala are true. The tsunami earthquake caused casualties. Interim reports, there were several victims who died because of collapsed buildings. The tsunami also hit several settlements and buildings on the beach.

Indonesian students who are continuing their studies in Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University have raised donations of aid in the form of money that they collected from fellow students and lecturers from the campus academic community. With Allah's help and guidance, they have channeled the assistance that they collected through one of the foundations from Indonesia located in Sulawesi, namely the Darul Istiqamah Women's School.

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