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Before Mobility

Hareketlilik Öncesi

The candidates selected by the decision of the University Erasmus+ Commission are given a letter by Office of the Erasmus+ Institutional Coordinator. Depending on this, before mobility process of the selected student starts.

Documents to be Provided Before Mobility

1- Acceptance Letter

Students wishing to apply for Erasmus+ Mobility for Tranieeships must provide an Acceptance Letter from a institution/business in a program country where they will complete their mobility.

In the Acceptance Letter to be prepared on the letterhead stationery of the institution/business, the following information should be included:

  • Erasmus+ Student Mobility for Tranieeship activities should be clearly stated in the Acceptance letter.
  • Place of the mobility should be specified. Information on mobility should be clearly added (For example; In the Human Resources department of Enterprise C, located in city B of country A).
  • The subject of the Traineeship activity should be specified. Ex: "Human Resources Intern".
  • The duration of mobility should be specified. The duration of the grant payment for Erasmus+ Traineeship Mobility is minimum 2 months (60 days) and maximum 65 days excluding travel; mobility start and end dates (dd/mm/yyyy - dd/mm/yyyy) should be clearly indicated in the acceptance letter.
  • On thedocument prepared by the relevant person of the institution/business where the Erasmus Mobility activity will be carried out,preparation time, signature and seal/stamp should be included.

2- Learning Agreement for Tranieeships

The student declares activities to be carried out by the other institution during the Mobility by filling the Learning Agreement for Traineeship Mobility in English.

  • While filling the Learning Agreement for Traineeships, the activities to be carried out, the knowledge and qualifications, the control and evaluation plan should be clarified.
  • After completing the required information on the document, the student signs the document and submits the document to the Office of the Erasmus+ Institutional Coordinator. After the approval of the mobility activity by the Department Erasmus+ Coordinator, the document is signed by the counterparty authority.
  • The related document must be submitted to the Office of the Erasmus+ Institutional Coordinator, signed by the three parties before the mobility.

3-Traineeship Equivalence Form

The Traineeship Equivalence Form is a document related to the recognition of compulsory/optional Traineeship in İZU within the scope of Erasmus+.

Traineeship may be considered as a course or internship at our university depending on the request of Erasmus+ Departmental Coordinator. Traineenship can be awarded with ECTS credits.

For this reason, the Traineeship Equivalence Form must be completed and left to the Faculty Secretary by the Department Erasmus + Coordinator together with the Learning Agreement.

4- Grant Letter

Depending on the country of destination and duration of the mobility, student's grant amount will be calculated by the Office of the Erasmus+ Institutional Coordinator. This document is delivered to the participant in Turkish and English in order to use the student's visa application. Indicates the following informations:

  • The type of activity,
  • Duration of activity,
  • Host institution and country
  • The total grant to be provided (if the mobility is completed successfully).

5- Euro Account Information Form and Euro Passbook

The grant to be paid to the participant is paid in EURO through the bank. The student must fill out the Euro Account Information form and attach the photocopy of the Euro Passbook. This document should be given to the Office of the Erasmus+ Institutional Coordinator.

6- Comprehensive Travel Health Insurance

The student must have a travel health insurance covering the duration of mobility.

Travel insurance starts with an entrance from the customs of the destination country and ends with an entrance from the customs of Turkey within the dates of validity. The collaterals begin again when they log in and go back. For example, a policyholder with a policy of 12 months can travel abroad as much as he/she wishes during the year, and his/her guarantees will be valid for a maximum of 6 weeks at a time. Standard Travel Policies provide a guarantee with a maximum of 90-92 days and 30,000 EURO / USD.The guarantee ends as you enter from the border of Turkey.

Students are excluded from the 91-93th day! Does not cover outpatient treatment !.

Liability insurance covers losses caused by the student (regardless of whether he/she is in the workplace) during his/her stay abroad. In different countries participating in transnational internship mobility, there are different regulations on liability insuranceTherefore, interns are at risk of being excluded from insurance coverage. It is therefore the responsibility of the sending organization to check, at least, whether there is an obligation insurance to cover the damages that the participant may cause at the workplace.

Accident Insurance covers the losses that may incur employees due to accidents in the workplace. In many countries, employees are insured against such accidents at the workplace. However, the extent to which transnational interns are protected under the same insurance may vary between countries participating in transnational learning mobility programs. It is the responsibility of the sending institution to check if the student has insurance against accidents in the workplace.  

7- Grant Agreement

After the above documents have been submitted, the student signs a grant contract prepared by Office of the Erasmus+ Institutional Coordinator. If the student will receive the grant, the amount to be paid varies according to the receiving country and mobility period. In the case of refusal or neglect to sign the contract, the student's use of the mobility will be void.  Including non-granted students, all students who are eligible to participate in mobility, has to sign the contract. A copy of the grant contract is delivered to the participant.

8- Online Linguistic Support (OLS) Exam 1

The student must solve the 1st OLS Exam by registering for the OLS Exam assigned to the student mail by the Erasmus Office. Exam results are not important. However, the system must be logged in and resolved.


Visa Process

Students who are certain to participate in mobility are obliged to complete their visa procedures before starting their mobility.

Office of the Erasmus+ Institutional Coordinator is not responsible for the rejection of the visa application for various reasons.It is entirely the student's responsibility to make visa and passport applications. Since each country's visa procedure is different, please check the official consulate's website of the receiving country to receive the necessary information. It is recommended that student applies for a visa 6 to 8 weeks before the mobility start date, as the visa procedures may take longer than the expected.

First Payment of the Grant

80% of the total grant is transferred to the student's Euro account within one month after the grant agreement is signed by the student and the Erasmus+ Institutional Coordinator.