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After Mobility


After the mobility, the required documents must be submitted to the Erasmus Office within 30 days.

Documents to be Submitted After Mobility

1-Learning Agreement for Tranieeships - During Mobility

  • If there is a change in the plan before mobility, the mobility part must be filled. Afterwards, this part should be signed by the student, Erasmus Departmental Coordinator and the responsible person in the receiving institution and delivered to Erasmus Office. 
  • This section will not be used if there is no change in the mobility plan.

2-Learning Agreement for Tranieeships - After Mobility
The internship should include the exact start and end dates in format of dd/mm/yyyy - dd/mm/yyyy.

  • Should include the subject of the internship. E.g."Human Resources Internship"
  • Should include the "Internship Program" during the mobility. If there is no change in program which was stated in the before mobility section, the program in the completed learning agreement before mobility should be placed as it is.
  • The skills and competencies obtained as a result of the internship must be completed. If there is no change in the before mobility section, the section in the learning agreement that was filled before mobility should be placed as it is.
  • The traineeship at the institution of your internship should be evaluated in the Evaluation of Trainee section. It should be noted that the internship was completed successfully.
  • Must be signed, sealed/stamped.

3-Certificate of Participation

At the end of the activity, the student has to take the Certificate of Participation from the other institution that the Erasmus+ Mobility has been completed successfully.

  • The Certificate of Participation must specify the actual start and end date of the mobility.
  • In case of early return, date must be stated in the certificate of participation.
  • Certificate of Participation must be signed and stamped by the authority of the institution.


  • At the end of mobility passport control is done by Erasmus Office.
  • In case of early return, the student will be given a daily grant deduction.

5-Solving the Online Linguistic Support (OLS) Exam 2 

  • It is compulsory to solve the 2nd OLS exam within 1 month after the end of the mobility.

6-Solving EU Survey

  • When the mobility is over, the EU Survey is automatically transmitted to the participant.
  • EU Survey must be resolved by the participant.
  • After the EU Survey is resolved, the remaining grant payment process is initiated.


Final Grant Payment

Within 30 days after the EU Survey has been resolved by the participant, the documents are checked and the remaining contribution is made according to the dates of participation.