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During Mobility


Welcome Week - (Enrolment and Orientation)

The registration procedures, residence applications, course selection and various activities of Erasmus students are held this week.

A welcome week consists of:

  • Meeting
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Information Session
  • Campus Tour
  • Obtaining a student card
  • City tour

Note: this is a sample welcome week.

The exact dates and time schedules of the welcome week will be announced to the nominated students of Erasmus.


Course Selection and Selecting Courses From Other Faculties/Departments

After the enrollment, course selection process will be carried out online by the student through the IZU Campus Information System.

In order to select courses you must log in to the system with the username and password of the campus information system, that comes to the mobile phone as a message during registration.

If you want to select courses from other faculties or departments, consult the Erasmus Office. You can make an appointment by sending an e-mail to

Learning Agreement (During Mobility)

After arrival at IZU, there is always the possibility of change of courses in the learning agreement due to various reasons. It is recommended to change the courses and forms within 2 weeks after the start of the academic calendar

Note : Erasmus students in IZU can take courses from any faculty and department.

Residence Permit

Students from countries who are exempted from visa can apply for a residence permit without applying for a student visa. Every student staying for more than 90 days (or less if your visa is not allowing you to stay for 90 days) has to apply for a residence permit within 30 days of arrival.

Required documents:

  • Residence Permit Application Form, which you will print out after the online application.
  • 4 photos
  • Passport and copy
    • Copy of the page showing the last date of entrance
    • Copy of the visa (if applicable)
  • Print out of your e-Visa (if it is required for your country) or copy of your student visa page on your passport
  • Student Certificate
  • Health insurance and insurance declaration statement
  • If your name is written as “full name”, so there is not a distinction between your name and surname in your passport, you must submit a name certificate from the consulate
  • Receipt of your Residence Permit payment and its copy
  • Declaration which states that financial capacity is to be provided sufficiently and regularly throughout the stay (Grant Letter can be used)
  • For students under the legal age of 18 years, bring a document signed and translated to the Turkish language stating permission for him from parents to study in Turkey.

The application is done online at as the Erasmus Office we can assist you with your application.

Health Insurance

Health insurance is mandatory in Turkey, in order to get your residence permit one should have a health insurance.

Students who come to Turkey need to have a Health Insurance, students have the option to get a private or public insurance.

Turkey and other countries have a Bilateral Social Security Agreement, which means that your insurance from the listed countries is valid in Turkey. Please go to your own National Medical Insurance Company and ask for the required document in order to get your insurance valid.

Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Austria, Swiss, Sweden, England, Libya, Cyprus, Azerbaijan,  Albania, Bosnia And Herzegovina, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Norway, Romania, Canada, Georgia, Kebede, Croatia, Slovakia, Serbia, Italy, Montenegro, Korea Rep.

Or if you want to have a private health insurance, IZU Erasmus Office will help you.