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During Mobility

During Mobility

The mobility must be carried out in the institution and country from where the letter of acceptance is received.

The host country should not be left during the mobility.

The host institution change cannot be made during the mobility.

Certificate of Participation

Personnel are required to obtain a Certificate of Participation from the host institution for the successful completion of the Erasmus+ Staff Mobility at the end of their mobility.

  • The duration of the lecture given at the host institution must be indicated in hours in the Certificate of Participation. (Example: At least 8 hours for 5 days.)
  • The starting and ending dates of the mobility on the Certificate of Participation should be the same as the dates of the acceptance letter and the Erasmus Staff Mobility for Teaching Agreement.

  • In case of early return, the return date should be indicated in the participation document.

  • The Certificate of Participation must be signed and stamped by the responsible person from the host institution.