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Before Mobility

Before Mobility

A selection letter is submitted by the Office of the Erasmus+ Institutional Coordinator to the candidates selected by the decision of the University Erasmus+ Commission. Accordingly, the selected personnel start the before mobility process. 

The selected staff will be on duty leave for the duration of the mobility dates.

Documents (Before Mobility)

1-Invitation Letter

Academic personnel wishing to take benefit of Erasmus+ Staff Mobility for Teaching should provide a letter of invitation from an ECHE (Erasmus Charter for Higher Education) holder institution or university which has an Erasmus Agreement with our university.

Invitation letter to be prepared on the letterhead stationery of the institution should include the following information:

  • The realization of mobility for teaching (Erasmus+ Staff Mobility for Teaching) in the letter of invitation should be clearly stated.
  • The place where the Staff Mobility for teaching will be performed should be specified. Information about the mobility of staff should be added clearly. For example; D Faculty of C University in City A.
  • The duration of your mobility should be indicated. For Erasmus+ Staff Mobility, the duration of the activity is at least 2 business days excluding travel and maximum 5 days; the staff will be awarded a maximum of 5 days of scholarship. Mobility should be clearly indicated in the invitation letter as start and end dates (dd/mm/yyyy - dd/mm/yyyy).
  • The date of preparation of the document, stamp and signature of the relevant person from the institution should be on the invitation letter, prepared by the institution to be made for Erasmus+ Staff Mobility.

2- Staff Mobility Agreement for Teaching

The Academic Staff declares by filling out the Teaching Mobility Agreement in English by indicating the activities to be carried out during the Erasmus+ Staff Mobility.

  • The lessons and the duration of the lectures given by the staff at the host institution during the mobility should be indicated by day and hour.
  • After filling in the required information on the document, the staff signs the document and submits it to the Erasmus+ Institutional Coordinator for signature. After the approval of the mobility by the Erasmus+ Institutional Coordinator, the document is signed by the contact person of the receiving institution.
  • The relevant document must be submitted to the Office of the Erasmus+ Institutional Coordinator before the mobility.

3- Grant Letter / Visa Letter

The amount of grant that the staff will receive depends on the country they will go to and the time they will spend, it is calculated by the Office of the Erasmus+ Institutional Coordinator. The grant letter is delivered to the participant in Turkish and English for the use of the staff on visa application. The document which is signed by the Erasmus+ Institutional Coordinator also indicates followings:

  • Type of mobility,
  • Duration of mobility,
  • Host institution and country,
  • The total grant to be provided if the mobility is successfully completed.

4-Euro Account Information Form and Euro Account Book

The grant to the participant is paid in EURO through the bank. Staff must fill in the Euro Account Information form and attach a photocopy of the Euro Account Book and deliver them to the Office of the Erasmus+ Institutional Coordinator.

5- Grant Agreement

After the above documents have been submitted, the staff signs a grant agreement prepared by Office of the Erasmus+ Institutional Coordinator. If the staff is going to receive a grant, the amount to be paid varies depending on the country of departure, the distance traveled, and the length of mobility indicated on the invitation letter. In situations such as neglecting or refusing to sign a contract, benefiting of mobility is canceled for the staff. All eligible staff, including "without Grant" must sign the Grant Agreement. A copy of the grant agreement is delivered to the participant.

Visa Process

Erasmus + Staff Mobility applicants who have positive results on their applications are obliged to complete the visa procedures before they start mobility.

Office of the Erasmus+ Institutional Coordinator is not responsible for the rejection of the visa application for various reasons. It is the responsibility of the staff to make visa and passport applications. Since each country has a different visa procedure, please check the official consulate of the country you are going to visit for the necessary information. It is recommended to apply for a visa 6-8 weeks before the departure date as the visa procedures may take longer as expected.


Payment of the Grant

After signing the grant agreement by the staff and the Erasmus+ Institutional Coordinator, 80% of the total grant is transferred to the staff's account within 1 month.