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After Mobility

After Mobility

After the mobility, the necessary documents must be submitted completely within 15 days.

Documents to be Submitted After Mobility

1-Certificate of Participation

  • The starting and ending dates of the mobility on the Certificate of Participation should be the same as the dates of the acceptance letter and the Erasmus Staff Mobility for Teaching Agreement..
  • If the lecture duration in the mobility is not specified in the participation certificate, the whole grant will be returned.
  • In the case of early return, a daily grant cut will be applied for the staff.
  • If the participation date is not received or the mobility date stated in the participation certificate is less than 2 days, all the paid grant needs to be refunded.


  • At the end of the mobility, passport will be controlled by the Office of the Erasmus+ Institutional Coordinator.
  • If it is determined that an early return has been made, a daily grant cut will be made for the staff.
3-Completing the Online EU Survey

  • When the mobility ends, the EU Survey is automatically forwarded to the participant.
  • The EU Survey must be filled in by the participant.
  • Finishing the EU Survey initiates the remaining grant payment process.


Final Grant Payment

Within 30 days after the EU Survey is forwarded by the participant, the participant's documents will be checked and the remaining grant will be paid according to the participation dates.