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2021-2022 Spring – ICM - Tunisia- Lebanon - Algeria -Incoming Students Application Announcement for Student Mobility for Studies




Department of Islamic Sciences




Tunisia - Ez-Zitouna University

Algeria - University of Batna - Batna (Batna 1)

Lebanon - Jinan University– Trablusgarp (Jinan)

Contract Number: 2019-1-TR01-KA107-071524 - 2020-1-TR01-KA107-089998


15 November 2021

Announcement of applications

06 December 2021

Application start date

27 December 2021

Application deadline

04 January 2022

Erasmus Language Proficiency Exam

07 January 2022

Preliminary Evaluation Results

07-08 January 2022

Objection to Preliminary Evaluation Results

12 January 2022

Final Evaluation Results

12-17 January 2022

Withdrawal Dates


Important Note: From Tunisia Ez-Zitouna University Islamic Finance and Economics Students Cannot apply for this mobility. Students can follow up to possible updates on calendar on the web page of IZU Erasmus Institution Coordinatorship.


Erasmus + Mobility for Studies with Partner Countries


Who can apply?

Full time students who are registered in the Home University Islamic Science Program (1st cycle, 2nd cycle and 3rd cycle)

How to Apply?

The application consists only online application.


Online Application


Preliminary Applications are received via the Erasmus + Online Application System. Please Click Here for the Application

If applied for the first time, the student e-mail must be confirmed by clicking on the "Register & Apply" section.


If you have applied before, you can access the application form by entering the application system with your student e-mail and password.


Required Documents


  • The official (signed and sealed) transcript must be collected at the time of application from the Student Affairs Office showing the cumulative grade point average.
  • Over 1 year valid passport.
  • University Language proficiency exam result.


Things to Consider in the Application

1- Please contact the Erasmus Institutional Coordinator for any problems that may arise during the application. (For communication, an e-mail should be sent to

2-Applications will be made online. After the required documents are uploaded to the application system, if your application is a valid application, it will appear as "Office Approved" on the system.

Minimum Requirements

In order to participate Erasmus Student Mobility, students must meet the following minimum requirements

  • To be Full time students who are registered in the Home University Islamic Science Program (1st cycle, 2nd cycle and 3rd cycle) To be a full-time student (students responsible to take 30 ECTS)
  • Cumulative academic average of at least 2.20 / 4.00 for bachelor’s degree (1st cycle)
  • Cumulative academic average of at least 2.50 / 4.00 for master’s degree and PHD Degree (2nd and 3rd cycle)
  • Documentation of English Language Proficiency at B2 Level
  • If Erasmus + and Lifelong Learning (LLP) have benefited from higher education mobility activities within the current education level, the total duration of the new activity does not exceed 12 months.

Selection Criteria

  • Evaluation criteria and weighted points to be used in evaluating mobility applications are as follows:


Weighted Point

Academic Achievement Level

%60 (Total Over 100 Points)

Language Level

%40 (Total Over 100 Points)

Disabled Students (Provided that the disability is documented)

+10 Points

Previous participation (with or without grant,each application)

-10 Points*

Participation in mobility in the country of citizenship

-10 Points



Erasmus+ Student Mobility with Grant

Under the Erasmus+ Programme, selected students can receive an Erasmus+ grant to cover their living expenses during the mobility period. The Erasmus+ Grant is a contribution and may not cover 100% of the costs (such as visa, accommodation, airfare and living expenses) before and during the mobility. In this case, the student must cover the missing part himself.

Partner Country

Partner University



Ez-Zitouna University

800 Euro


University of Batna - Batna (Batna 1)

800 Euro


Jinan University– Trablusgarp (Jinan)

800 Euro

Grant support will be provided for 5 months to students selected as grant.

%80 of the grant after arrival to the Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University, %20 at the end of the mobility.

Travel Support

Partner Country

Partner University

Travel Grant


Ez-Zitouna University

275 Euro



University of Batna - Batna (Batna 1)

360 Euro



Jinan University – Tripoli (Jinan)

275 Euros




Partner Country

Partner University

Quota with Grant


Ez-Zitouna University



University of Batna - Batna (Batna 1)



Jinan University– Trablusgarp (Jinan)



Erasmus + Zero Grant Mobility Option

Students may use this right at the time of application by using the "Unable to Participate" option in the online form or by notifying the Erasmus Institution Coordinator after the results have been announced. Although Erasmus + students are selected with or without grant; they do not pay tuition fees, registration and exam fees, or library use fees.

Additional Grants for Special Needs Owners

Students with disabilities can receive additional grants for their specific needs. For more information, please contact Erasmus Institution Coordinator.

Erasmus Institution Coordinatorship