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Residence Permit


Residence Permit      تصريح الإقامة       İkamet İzni

Students enrolled in an academic program in Türkiye for three months or longer are obliged to acquire a student residence permit per the Law on Foreigners and International Protection. The Student Residence Permit allows you to stay in Türkiye during your study period. All international students, regardless of their status, must apply for the student residence permit within a month of their arrival to Türkiye. To do this, you need to make an online residence permit application and submit your files.

However, it is your responsibility to prepare all the documents listed below and submit them to the Immigration Office on time!

Required Documents:

  1. Pink file (Legal Transactions File)
  2. Four (4) passport-size photographs
  3. Two (2) Declaration Forms
  4. Student Application Form obtained from the official website of the Immigration Department with the fingerprint criminal number
  5. -Copy of passport or equivalent documents (pages containing personal information)

    - Last entry stamp to Turkey (for first-time applications)
    - Copy of the previous residence permit (for extension and transfer applications)

  6. Student Certificate in Turkish (obtained through the Campus System)
  7. Document that shows the address information where you reside: 

    For extension requests:

    ● Residence address document obtained from (E-Government)

    For first-time applications:

    If you are the house owner: A copy of the property deed

    ● If you are a tenant: A copy of the valid and notarized lease agreement

    ● If residing in a student dormitory/hotel or similar:

    ○ Document proving residence in a student dormitory (with QR code or "Signature Circulars" document)
    ○ Or a document proving your stay in the hotel and a receipt indicating the accommodation payment

    ● If residing with a sponsor:

    ○ A notarized commitment letter from the sponsor to the student (if the sponsor is married, a notarized commitment letter for the spouse as well)

    ○ A residence address document for the sponsor obtainable from (E-Government)

    ○ Birth certificate model for the sponsor if the sponsor holds Turkish citizenship.

    ○ Residence address document obtained from (E-Government)

  8. Valid health insurance:
                ● General health insurance (made within the first three (3) months after entering the country),
                ● Or Private Health Insurance covering the residence permit application period.

  9. Residence Permit Payment Receipt (Payment can be made online or at the Tax Office)

Make sure to bring your passport with you to the International Office.

Obtaining Fingerprint number:

Take the following docs:

  1. Student Application Form obtained from the website
  2.  Copy of the passport or equivalent documents (pages containing personal information).
  3. Student Certificate - in Turkish (obtained through the campus system and electronically signed).

And go to one of these centers:

  1. Directorate General of Migration Management in Istanbul (İstanbul İl Göç İdaresi Müdürlüğü)
  2.  Presidency of the Working Group in Esenyurt (Esenyurt İlçe Çalışma Grubu Başkanlığı)
  3. Kumkapı Coordination Center (Kumkapı Koordinasyon Merkezi)
  4. Presidency of the Working Group in Pendik (Pendik İlçe Çalışma Grubu Başkanlığı)
  5. Presidency of the Working Group in Sultanbeyli (Sultanbeyli İlçe Çalışma Grubu Başkanlığı)

Note: Files without fingerprints will be separated as incomplete documents, and the files will be returned for submission after fingerprints are taken.

For Students Under 18 Years Old:

For those arriving with visa exemption or a visa for a different purpose:

  • Document containing parent/guardian information (birth certificate, family certificate, etc.).
  • Consent letter from the parent/guardian/legal representative, and a commitment letter from the third party provided by the parent/guardian.

For those arriving with a student visa:

  • No consent letter or document containing parent/guardian information will be required.


For Erasmus students, the situation is exactly the same and no different procedures will be applied to them.


You can make the payment online via Credit Card by following the below instructions:

1. Visit Dijital Vergi Dairesi (

2. Click on the “Göç İdaresi İkamet Tezkeresi Harcı Ödeme” button.

3. Type the Tahakkuk no (Accrue no) into the “Başvuru Numarası” box and then the verification code as seen below in the “Güvenlik Kodu” box. Accrue no is indicated in your residence permit online application form (1st page).

4. Please download and print the receipt once you are done with the payment.

If you cannot pay online:

You must first obtain a tax ID number and then pay it at any Tax Office.

The personnel might not be able to speak English. Therefore, you can bring this message to anyone, and they will help you:

“Merhaba! Ben İstanbul Sabahattin Zaim Üniversitesinden geliyorum. Yabanci Uyrukluyum. İkamet kart ücreti ödemeye geldim. Yardiminiz icin tesekkurler.” (Hello! I study at Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University and am a foreigner. I came here to pay my residence card fee. Thank you for your help in advance.)

Important Notes:

  • Turkish citizens / blue cardholders do not need to get a residence permit.
  • An application can only be made after entering Türkiye and registering at the university. Residence permit applications made from abroad are invalid.
  • Students cannot leave Türkiye before obtaining the residence permit document. Departing from Türkiye before receiving residence permit card results in residence permit rejection.
  • Students are responsible for prolonging their residence permit according to their study period if needed.
  • Student passport must be valid for at least 60 days beyond the requested ending date of the residence permit. Make sure your passport is valid for six months minimum.
  • If you already have a short-term residence permit, you can make a “transfer application” for the student residence permit.
  • If you are coming from another university in Türkiye to Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University, you must update your registration information within 20 days at Kumkapı Migration Coordination.
  • It is essential to maintain accurate and current information in your university records at all times. This includes promptly updating your residence permit at Student Affairs whenever any changes occur.
  • Due to the high number of applications, we suggest you complete the online application in the evening, out of the working hours.
  • Appointment date and time information will be sent by the Immigration Office in 5-7 days. The follow-up of your SMS or email messages regarding this information is entirely your responsibility. If you miss your appointment, you have to create a new online application on the system.
  • Please keep a copy of your residence permit application form for yourself so that you can track your residence permit application status.



  • The Immigration Administration is fully authorized to approve or reject your application and to mail your card to you. The period between the processing of your application and the receipt of your card may take up to 30-45 days.
  • Once the Immigration Office goes over your files and approves your application file, the confirmation SMS / email for your application approval will be sent to you. After receiving the message, your card will be printed and posted by the Immigration Office. Your card is delivered to your contact address by the official carrier, PTT. You must be ready at the address you provided in the application form to receive the card. The mail carrier will not hand over the residence card to anyone other than you. If the postman cannot find you at your address, the PTT will return your card to the Immigration Directorate.
  • You can see the result on only after the evaluation of the immigration authority. Login to the system by entering your mobile number or your e-mail address and passport number that you used in the application along with your application number. The result of your application evaluation (positive or negative) will appear on the screen. If your application is approved, click on the "post tracking" link on the same page to find out the printing status of your card. If your card has not been printed yet, the barcode number will give an error. If it is printed, you can follow the delivery stage of your card according to the barcode number.
  • To receive your card, make sure you provide the correct address on the application form.
  • After receiving your residence permit card, please bring it to the Student Affairs.
  • Attention: You cannot leave Türkiye without obtaining your residence permit card. If you do so, you will receive a penalty depending on your case; moreover, your application will be cancelled by the Immigration Office.