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Residence First Application

First Application

All students’ residence permit applications are required to be delivered to the International Office, as we’re required to deliver the applications to the Immigration Office instead of students.

1st Step: Make an Application

  1. Go to the following website to make an application:
  2. Click “I lodge an application for a residence permit for the first time”
  3. Click “I would like to lodge a new application”
  4. Fill the application form (Make sure you write all the information right.) (Make sure you enter all needed information correctly)
  5. After finishing the application, get an appointment date.

2nd Step: Submit the application file to the International Office

Prepare all the required documents and submit them to the International Office.

Required Documents:

  1. Online application form (
  2. Copy of your passport (Page/Pages containing ID information)
  3. Photocopy of The Last Entrance Stamp
  4. Photocopy of The Visa (a printout if it is electronic. If the applicant is from a country that does not require visa, this process is not required.)
  5.  Photocopy of The Previous Residence Permit (for the extension and the transfer applications)
  6. 4 biometric photograph
  7. Health insurance
  8. Students Certificate (You can take it from Student Affairs. Please do not forget to mention that you take it to apply for residence permit.)
  9. Receipt of the Payment for residence card - 125TL (You can either pay it online by credit card or go to any tax office.)
  10. Address Form (You should fill sections about you in Turkish.)
  11. SGK Declaration (You should fill sections about you in Turkish.)
  12. Notification Document (You should fill sections about you in Turkish.)
  13. Income Statement (You should fill sections about you in Turkish.)

In case you are under the age of 18, the following additional documents should be attached to your application;

  • A consent signed by your parents (If the document issued in İstanbul, it has to be stamped from the Embassy of your country and any Governorship in İstanbul.)
  • Birth Certificate (Should be stamped by the Embassy)

After submitting  your application to the International Office, it may take from 1 month up to 3 months to receive your residence permit. You will receive an SMS saying that your residence permit has been sent to the address. When the university receives it , you will be notified via student e-mail.

3rd Step: Take your residence permit

After receiving the e-mail, please go to the International Office to receive your residence permit.

Important Notes:

  • For first time applicants, Tax number is required to be taken from the tax office to be able to make payment.
  • You have to make an application within the validity of your visa or visa exemption period.
  • In case, of freezing the registration, your residence permit will be canceled. In this case you need to make a transfer application in 10 days after freezing the registration to the immigration office not to the international office.
  • In case of change of passport, change of marital status or change of address, you must inform Istanbul Provincial Directorate of Migration Management within 20 working days.
  • The following links are the tutorial videos for student applications: