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Fees and Scholarships

Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University is a non-profit foundation university. It is a type of university that is funded by charity and student fee. Therefore, students are required to pay for tuition prior to start of classes each semester. Accepted applicant are required to pay the tuition fee for enrollment. This page explains important information regarding payment of fees and scholarship.

Tuition Fees

The tuition fee of all undergraduate programs for the academic year of 2021-2022 is 45.000 TL +VAT.

International students can choose to pay the tuition either for a year or for a semester. You are required to present the proof of payment at registration. Therefore, the payment is due before the end of registration period.

Tuition fee with 25% scholarship: 33.750 TL +VAT

Tuition fee with 50% scholarship: 22.500 TL +VAT

Tuition fee with 75% scholarship: 11.250 TL +VAT

Tuition fee with 100% scholarship: 0

These fees and scholarships are also valid for the 2021-2022 Preparatory school.

Notice: Fees increase annually according to the inflation rate.

Methods of Payment

It is important to note that IZU do not accept cash payments, due to security and insurance reasons.

Tuition fees can be paid via:

  1. Credit Card

    You should enter the online payment website of the university. You can use any credit card to make the payment through the following link:

    If you have a featured credit card (Bonus, Combo, Maximum, Paraf and World) from Turkish banks, you can pay annual tuition fee in 10 instalments. If the limit of the single credit card you are using is not sufficient to pay the entire tuition fee, you can continue to pay with a different credit card for the remaining amount.

   2. Bank Transfer:

One of the two ways of paying the tuition fee is via Bank Transfer. In case you have a bank account, you can wire the payment to one of the following accounts of the university. In case you would like to pay cash, you can go to any bank branch and ask to transfer money to university’s account. It is important that you only ask to transfer. If you ask to make tuition payment, the bank employees would confuse your payment with other type of payments and would tell you that you need to have Republic of Turkey identity number, which you probably do not have.

Remember to include "Name-Surname, Passport No, Undergraduate Tuition Fee" in the payment description. Otherwise, your payment will be disregarded as an unidentified transfer.

In case you have Republic of Turkey identity number, you can make the tuition payment in 10 installments at the bank. In other words, the bank pays to the university and you pay to the bank in installments.

You are required to make the payment either for an entire academic year or for a semester.

Bank Accounts

TRY Account

The name of the Bank: Kuveyt Türk Bank


IBAN: TR08 0020 5000 0083 3555 8000 04

The name of the Bank: Albaraka Türk Katılım Bankası


IBAN: TR78 0020 3000 0123 5513 0000 04


USD Account

The name of the Bank: Kuveyt Türk Bank


IBAN Number: TR08 0020 5000 0083 3555 8001 01

Swift Code: KTEFTRIS


Academic Success Scholarship

This is a GPA based merit scholarship. The top three successful students in their class earn scholarships as follows: First place students will receive 100% scholarship, second place students will receive an additional 75% scholarship and third place students receive an additional 50% academic success scholarship. Students retain the scholarship as long as they maintain a 3.0 GPA or more.

Sponsored Students

Where a student provides a valid sponsor letter at registration from an external corporate body agreeing to pay tuition fees, the invoice will be provided to the student and payment of the invoice is due immediately. A student who is sponsored by a friend of relative will be regarded as responsible for their own fees. In the event of non-payment of part of all fees by the sponsoring organization, the outstanding amount will be invoiced to the student.

Sibling / Spouse Discount

A discount of 10% is made on the tuition fee to be paid to each brother/sister and spouse, who are studying at the same level diploma programs at our university. This discount is valid as long as the students are studying at the same time.

To be able to reflect the fees of your sibling or spouse discount to the tuition fee, you need to submit a petition to the General Secretariat with documents, proving your relationship. Submission should be done during the registration and before making a payment. The petition should be given to Office Records and Correspondence. A copy of the passport must be attached to the petition for the sibling discount. However the documents which indicate that they are married (marriage certificate etc.), must be added to the petition for the spouse discount.

Note: Applications submitted after the registration date will be taken into consideration starting from the next academic year.


Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University is a type of university that is funded by charity and student fee. It is a non-profit foundation university. Therefore, the university has its mission as a foundation to provide quality education and qualification for all. IZU subsidizes approximately 63% of all international student costs. The university sets a scholarship quota each year and places the most promising applicants.

All applicants can apply for a scholarship when applying for the program. You need to find ‘scholarship’ item at the checklist. Then click on a rate of scholarship. The default choice is ‘I do not want any scholarship’. If you do not attend the ‘scholarship’ item, your application may not be evaluated for scholarship. There are various rates of scholarships offered at IZU. So make sure you apply for the rate of scholarship that suits your application. 

Note that the scholarship is a tuition waiver. If you have a certain rate of scholarship, the university subsidizes your tuition cost. It does not cover any other expense. You should bear in mind the living and course equipment expenses before accepting the offer from IZU.