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Evaluation of Applications

Evaluation of Applications

Admission Committee makes the final evaluation and decision accepting an application and providing scholarship. However, many people check and review your application for multiple times before it is delivered to the Committee. All applications are reviewed in a holistic manner meaning each application is reviewed in its entirety, word by word, page by page. This is an important concept to consider when you are filling out the application form, writing your letter of intent and attaching required documents. Keep in mind when you are applying that the application you submit is closely scrutinized.


We use a broad concept of merit instead of mechanically rating applications according to test scores or GPA. Evaluators employ the following criteria:

  • The applicant's full record or achievement in high school, including the number of courses taken and grades earned.
  • Whether the courses taken at high school are in accord with the applied degree program.
  • Personal qualities of the applicant, including leadership ability, character, motivation, insight, initiative, originality, intellectual independence, responsibility, maturity, and demonstrated concern for others and for the community are considered.
  • Personal goals that the applicant wishes to achieve by receiving higher education.
  • Likely contributions to the intellectual and cultural vitality of the campus.
  • Performance on standardized tests that shows the applicant's learning skills and reasoning.


We evaluate applications in two phases. In the first phase, we make the decision to either accept or reject an application. In case the application succeeds to pass on to the second phase, we evaluate scholarship application. In case, the applicant do not apply for a scholarship the application moves to accepted status.

If you would like to apply for scholarship, you should support your application greatly.
Remember: there is only a limited number of quota for scholarship and scholarship application is very competitive.

Admission Committee HAVE TO see all the above listed criteria fulfilled before evaluating the application for scholarship. 3 other criteria as given below are especially important when evaluating for scholarship:

  1. Test score from one of the below types,


    • SAT (Scholarly Aptitude Test)

      The SAT is an entrance exam used by most colleges and universities to make admissions decisions. The SAT is a multiple-choice, pencil-and-paper test created and administered by the ‘College Board’.

      We use SAT and AP scores, alongside other exam results and credentials, to evaluate applicants in our university admissions process.

      Istanbul Zaim University is an officially designated institution that accepts students with SAT scores. You can choose to officially send your test score to IZU by using the code

      7184– Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University

      To register for the exam please visit


    • ISE (International Student Exam)

      The ISE is the exam created and organized by Istanbul Zaim University itself. It takes place every year on IZU campus.

      For detailed information please visit


    • YÖS (Yurtdışından Öğrenci Kabul Sınavı)

      The YÖS are various tests that are conducted by public universities in Turkey employed in acceptance and placement of international students. We accept any YÖS score; however, the value of your score may vary depending on the variant of YÖS.


  2. References


    At least 2 references acquired through the online application form. Reference request is sent to your referee’s e-mail address when you type in the name and address then click ‘send request’. The referee has to respond to your request so make sure to follow up with your request. A referee can be anyone who knows you personally, professionally or academically.


  3. Motivation letter


Motivation letter is a great chance for you to convince evaluators and committee members to provide scholarship for you. We advise you to take this opportunity with utmost attention. Make ultimate use of the word limit given to you.