Series of Public Lectures on Islamic Finance and Economics

  • Dates: 02 Nov, 2019 – 09 May, 2020

A series of ten public lectures on major areas of Islamic Finance and Economics is going to be given by Prof. Dr. Monzer Kahf over the coming few weeks and months within the contexts of activities of the Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University for community public relations and upliftment.

The objective of these lectures is to bring awareness of major areas of Islamic finance and economics and discuss issues of concern and relevance to the scientific community in Istanbul and Turkey at large. Topics of the lectures will have impact on the trends and direction of private and public activities in the finance sector and on the economic behaviors and attitudes. Issues of why we need to go for supporting and enhancing the growth of Islamic finance and its participatory banking system and why we need to select Takaful over other types of finance are of importance to enrich the economic and financial culture and knowledge of our community and society in general. Also of importance are issues of effects of bureaucracy on economic development and free society system of property succession. All such and similar issues shall be discussed within this series of lectures.

These lectures may be of great value to students of economics and finance, to practitioners in banking and other financial institutions and for all household in the community members.

If you are interested to join these lectures, please make sure you have reserved your sit. We are going to honor full participant with a pleasant gifts.


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Islamic Finance: What is it for?



Issues of Islamic Banking



Why Takaful? (Islamic Insurance)



Ethics in Islamic Finance



Zakat Re-considering its Received Fiqh



Need for Paradigm Change in Finance



Islamic Public Finance and Budget Deficit



Fundamentals of a Taxation System in Islamic Economics



Bureaucracy and Economic Development



Inheritance System in a Free Society


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