2nd Inetnational Symposium on Integrity of Knowledge From Tradition Into The Future

  • Dates: 11 – 12 Jul, 2019

 July 11-12, 2019

Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University 
Istanbul - Turkey  



Beginning from the late Ottoman period, the subjects of tradition and theory have been the subject of many debates. These concepts also have been the subject of westernization and modernization efforts as well as the search for renewal and rebellion in religious sciences. 
In this process, it is emphasized that the continuation, institutionalization and utilization of the traditional learning rings are important, and it is significant to re-design them according to the principles of meaning and need. In this framework, it is often mentioned that the sciences which are studied and worked for centuries, are the product of the comprehension and understanding efforts, and the gathering of the sciences which are the products of modern reasoning, and their evaluation in a basis of benefit. 
In fact, the Enlightenment and the French Revolution, which emerged with the Renaissance and Reform Movements in Western Europe, have initiated a new process for Western Europe and the world. The earlier period of this process is called as traditional and the later period is called as modern. Everything that was tried to get away from it was evaluated in this “old” category and it was called as “traditional”. From ignorance to sovereignty, religious bigotry to existing social hierarchy and inequality in wealth distribution to old institutions, everything is included in the concept of “traditional”. The basis of this bipolarity is the unshakable belief in scientific knowledge based on rationality and empirical observation. However, the historical and social processes and the scientific studies on them have revealed the problems that the modernization theory has brought with its opposite-pole approach in the form of “tradition-modernity”. In this symposium, especially in the religious sciences, the problem of integrity of traditional/experiential knowledge and theories will be discussed. 
It is expected that scholars will contribute to the symposium, that will be held on July 11-12, 2019 in Istanbul hosted by Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University (IZU) with the cooperation of Ankara Yildirim Beyazit University (AYBU) and Ankara Center for Thought and Research (ADAM), in terms of tradition, knowledge, hierarchy of knowledge, new meaning and construction efforts, utilization of traditional learning rings, and the connection of classical science rings with modern sciences. 

Important Dates

Deadline for abstracts: 15 June 2019 
Feedback for accepted abstracts: 25 June 2019 
Deadline for full text: 10 July 2019 
Symposium dates: 11-12 July 2019