The Strategist 

Quarterly Bulletin of CIGA News, Views and Activities

CIGA’s quarterly news bulletin, The Strategist, is composed and published by CIGA’s research staff. By disseminating The Strategist in its events and to partners, CIGA is reaching out to the public, and conveys the outcome of our research projects, the views of our research fellows, and the news of our academic activities to the experts in the field, as well as to policymakers and the general public.

You can download all the issues of The Strategist here on our website. For a hard copy, you are warmly welcome to visit CIGA’s office at IZU. 


CIGA - The Strategist Issue 1 - Winter 2018CIGA - The Strategist Issue 2 - Spring 2018CIGA - The Strategist Issue 3 - Summer 2018  CIGA - The Strategist Issue 4 - Fall 2018
CIGA - The Strategist - 5 - Winter 2019 The Strategist 6

CIGA - The Strategist - 7 - Summer 2019