Book Discussion Series 13

Reimagining State and Human Security Beyond Borders

Dr. Annamarie Bindenagel Šehović

The book: “Reimagining State and Human Security Beyond Borders” is an important contribution by “Dr. Annamarie Bindenagel Šehović” to the field of study “Hyman Security” (HS), a research area that extends from and combines: Human Rights, Responsibility To Protect, State Security, and more to address the question “What is the referent object of security today?” The author is a Research Fellow at PAIS at the University of Warwick. “Her research focuses on human security and global insecurities. She also researches issues of sovereignty and sovereign responsibility, including focusing a lens on non-citizens and their rights’ claims to sovereign protections.” In her book, the author precisely askes the question “In a world of imperfect State security, of porous borders, how might it be possible to reimagine establishing and protecting human security beyond borders?” this being the question, the author leans to the “human” being the main referent object of security, or at least, this should be the case, while not neglecting the fact that human security comes by state security, or is mainly achieved through the state government or administrative bodies. So, despite States being a source of insecurity to the “Human” within States, the state remains relevant to HS. Another pint addressed in the book is “which human?” There is the citizen, the immigrant, the refugee, and the stateless human within different states that could be strong states, failed or failing states, states at war, poor states, or territories that are not recognized as states. The discussion does not get easier, and conclusions remain unsatisfying, and the question: what is the referent object of security remains open? 

By: Abdelrahman Migdad (CIGA Research Associate)