2021-2022 Spring Semester Application Language and Science Exam Information

Jan 22, 2022, 16:55 PM by Mustafa Gür
Program Name Program Type Will there be a Science Exam?
Architecture Thesis-Non-Thesis-PhD No Exam
Basic Islamic Sciences (Arabic) Thesis-Non-Thesis Via Teams Program
Basic Islamic Sciences (Turkish) Thesis-Non-Thesis-PhD Via Teams Program
Business Administration Thesis-Non-Thesis-PhD In Halkali Campus
Business Administration(English) Thesis-Non-Thesis No Exam
Clinical Psychology Thesis-PhD In Halkali Campus
Communication and Announcement in Religious Services Thesis-Non-Thesis In Altunizade Campus
Computer Science and Engineering Thesis-Non-Thesis-PhD No Exam
Education Management Thesis-Non-Thesis No Exam
English Language Education Thesis In Halkali Campus
English Language Literature PhD In Halkali Campus
Family Counseling and Education Thesis-Non-Thesis No Exam
Food Engineering Thesis-Non-Thesis-PhD No Exam
Food Nutrition Thesis-Non-Thesis No Exam
Guidance and Psychological Counseling Thesis-Non-Thesis No Exam
Healthcare Management Thesis-Non-Thesis In Halkali Campus
History and Civilization Studies Thesis-Non-Thesis-PhD In Halkali Campus
Internal Medicine and Nursing Thesis-Non-Thesis-PhD In Halkali Campus
International Finance and Participation Banking Thesis Via Teams Program
International Finance and Participation Banking Non-Thesis No Exam
Islamic Economics and Finance PhD Via Teams Program
Islamic Economics and Finance (English) Thesis-PhD Via Teams Program
Islamic Economics and Finance (English) Non-Thesis No Exam
Islamic Economics and Law (in Arabic) Thesis-Non-Thesis-PhD In Halkali Campus
Islamic History and Arts Thesis-Non-Thesis In Altunizade Campus
Mathematics Education Thesis-Non-Thesis No Exam
Nutrition and Dietetics Thesis-Non-Thesis In Halkali Campus
Occupational health and Safety Thesis-Non-Thesis No Exam
Philosophy and Religious Studies Thesis-Non-Thesis In Altunizade Campus
Political Science and International Relations Thesis-Non-Thesis-PhD No Exam
Political Science and International Relations (English) Thesis-PhD No Exam
Private law Thesis-Non-Thesis-PhD No Exam
Public Law Thesis-Non-Thesis-PhD No Exam
Social Service Thesis-Non-Thesis-PhD In Halkali Campus
Sociology Thesis-Non-Thesis-PhD No Exam
Spiritual Counseling and Guidance Thesis-Non-Thesis No Exam
Urban Studies and Management Thesis-Non-Thesis No Exam
Urbanism and Urban Transformation PhD No Exam
Women's Health and Nursing Thesis-Non-Thesis In Halkali Campus
1: Evaluation of the programs that will not be tested by the Departments:
For non-thesis programs; With an undergraduate average,
For thesis programs; ALES + Undergraduate average,
For doctoral programs; It will be done with the average of ALES+YDS/YÖKDİL/TOEFL+Bachelor and Masters.
2: It is obligatory for the candidates to attend the exams to be held in Halkalı campus with a mask. Candidates must pay attention to the distance and they have to bring their own supplies, pencil, eraser, etc.
3: If the candidates applying from the CAMPUS Information System have not shared their phone numbers or if they have written incompletely, they will not be notified. These candidates must follow the web page.
4: Candidates who have passed the Science Exam for Clinical Psychology Thesis/Non-Thesis/PhD programs will be interviewed on Friday, February 04, 2021, between 10:00 and 21:00.
5: Your English Language Proficiency Exam will be held on Tuesday, February 01, 2022, at 11:00 am, in our University Halkalı Campus, School of Languages Building, classroom DL and 032 Educational Sciences Building EGB 01- EG 117- EG 017 We wish you luck.
6: Your Arabic Language Proficiency Exam will be held on Tuesday, February 01, 2021, at 11:00 am in the classroom AL225 of Altunizade Campus of our University. We wish you luck.