Attention to all PhD Students (Thesis Stage)

Nov 17, 2021, 09:19 AM by Muhammet Yusuf Değer

The 2021-2022 Fall semester thesis proposal defence/thesis monitoring meetings must be held by the end of working hours on Friday, December 31, 2021 at the latest. Students who fail to do that will be considered unsuccessful in their thesis proposal / thesis monitoring. Particular Attention to the Following Matters:

  • 1-The thesis monitoring committee convenes at least twice a year; once between January-June and July-December.
  • 2-The student submits a written report to the committee members at least one month before the meeting date. In this report, the summary of the work done so far and the work plan to be done in the next semester are stated. The student's thesis work is determined as successful or unsuccessful by the committee.
  • 3-A student who fails twice consecutively or three times intermittently will dismiss from the university by the Committee.
  • 4-Thesis monitoring meetings held either online via Microsoft Teams or physically gathering at University campuses. (For November, meetings will be held online only.)
Thesis monitoring report and petitions should have to send to the Graduate Education Institute by student advisors via using the EBYS system with the approval of Head of the Department. It is sufficient for external consultants to send the documents to the Department.