2020 - 2021 Academic Year Fall Semester Instruction Model Announcement

Sep 24, 2020, 20:09 PM by İsmail Aktaş

Dear IZU Students,

We look forward to seeing you in our historical campus, one of the nature wonders, in good health as soon as possible. Our separation negatively affected and upset us all. In this context, we have been making an intense effort with all our administrative and academic teammates since the summer in order to meet on campus in Fall semester and we took all our measures accordingly.

However, the course of the pandemic and the potential threat it posed prompted us to review the face-to-face education decision that we had previously made. Your health is our top priority. Therefore, we also feel responsibility towards your family, society, country and entire humanity.

Considering the latest recommendations of the Ministry of Health and the Council of Higher Education regarding education during Covid19 outbreak and the latest developments regarding the disease process, it has been decided to conduct all Undergraduate and Graduate theoretical courses in the Fall Semester at our University online (distance education).

The practical and laboratory courses will be given face to face after midterm exams, if the conditions allow.

Midterm exams will be held online (projects, assignments or online exams), and final exams will be held face to face if the conditions are suitable.

All necessary care and effort will be made and all necessary measures will be taken for our students to graduate with the competencies required by the programs. We believe that we will overcome this difficult period together.

We would like you to know that we will manage the process by fulfilling all our responsibilities within the framework of warnings and recommendations from the Ministry of Health, Higher Education Council and authorized public institutions in the next period. As a university, we follow the situation closely and work to develop suitable solutions for the conditions.

We wish you health and peace, and greet all of you, wishing you success. 

Prof. Dr. Mehmet BULUT