2018-2019 Erasmus+ Staff Mobility Pre-evaluation Results

Sep 3, 2018, 14:29 PM by Ali Kamer PALAMUT
The announcement made by the Erasmus Institiutional Coordinatorhship regarding the 2018-2019 Staff Mobility for Teaching and 2018-2019 Staff Mobility for Traing application announcements, the pre-evaluation process has ended..

Pre-evaluation results can be reached by clicking on the links.

2018-2019 Staff Mobility for Teaching Pre-evaluation Results (There is an equality in Teaching Mobility. Staff who served more years at this university will be prioritized.)

2018-2019 Staff Mobility for Teaching Pre-evaluation Results

Final Results, Selected and Spare Lists will be decided upon 8th of September 2018 by the Erasmus+ Commission.

3-7 September 2018

Objection to the election results and waivers of candidates

8 September 2018

Determining and publishing the final results regarding selected, spare and candidates without a grant.

Objections to the election results must be provided by a petition to the  Erasmus Institiutional Coordinatorship. 

Contact: erasmus@izu.edu.tr