Procedures after Thesis Defence

1. Thesis, Preparation in accordance with the Institute Thesis Writing Guide

(Click to access the Institute Thesis Writing Guide.)

2. Two copies of the thesis signed and bound by the exam jury members and the Institute Director must be submitted to the Institute Secretariat within one month at the latest from the date of entry to the thesis exam.

3. The thesis must be delivered in PDF format to the staff of the Institute Secretariat by e-mail. Signatures should not be added on the  thesis signature page, names should be written.

4. After the postgraduate defense, the bound thesis submission form must be filled in and delivered to the relevant personnel.

5. It is necessary to log in to the National Thesis Center of the Council of Higher Education with an E-Devlet password, and to fill in and save the Thesis Data Entry Form completely.

Click to reach the Higher Education Council National Thesis Center.