1- The relevant program head appoints the “Thesis Monitoring Committee” within one month for the student who is successful in the PhD. Qualifying Exam. The Graduate Education Institute notifies the “Thesis Monitoring Committee” members approved by the Graduate Education Executive Board.

2- A student, who completes their doctoral qualifying exam, defends their thesis proposal (Click for Thesis Proposal Writing Guide) orally in front of the Thesis Monitoring Committee. The thesis proposal includes the purpose, method, and study plan of the research to be conducted within six months at the latest. The student sends a written report of the thesis proposal to the committee members at least fifteen days before the oral defence.

3- The Thesis Monitoring Committee decides to accept, correct, or reject the thesis proposal submitted by the student with the absolute majority. Usually, one month is given for correction. At the end of this period, the absolute majority's decision to accept or reject the thesis proposal is notified to the Graduate Education Institute by the Head of the program within three days following the end of the process.

4- The student whose thesis proposal is rejected has the right to choose a new advisor and a thesis topic. In this case, a new “Thesis Monitoring Committee” may be set up. The student who wants to continue their study with the same advisor can submit a new thesis proposal within six months. The student whose thesis proposal is rejected once again in this defence is dismissed from the University.

5- The student who does not take the thesis proposal defence without a valid excuse is deemed unsuccessful, and the thesis proposal is rejected. For the student whose thesis proposal is rejected, article 4 is applied.

6- For the student whose thesis proposal is accepted, the Thesis Monitoring Committee convenes twice a year once between January-June and July-December. The student submits a written report to the committee members at least one month before the meeting date. In this report, a summary of the work done so far and the work plan to be made in the next period is stated. The committee determines the thesis work of the student as successful or unsuccessful.

7- For the student with the accepted thesis proposal, at least three successful Thesis Monitoring Committee reports are submitted to the Institute Directorate by the program head (Click for the PhD. Thesis Monitoring Report). If the thesis monitoring is not realised on time, the student is deemed unsuccessful in the thesis monitoring result of that semester. A student who is found unsuccessful twice in a row or three times in total by the committee is dismissed from the University.