Masters Degree (Thesis)

Master's Degree is the name given to the education that continues after the completion of the undergraduate education and is an academic study aimed at revealing the results of research. A master's degree is completed by specializing in a specific in which a student studies and proves the result of the study with a successfully written thesis. In a master's degree study, the student knows general research techniques. While the researcher looks more methodologically at the discipline in which s/he studies, s/he determines her/his basic field of further study.

Master's degree is divided into Master's degree with and without thesis. To apply for a master's degree, those who think of doing a master's degree with a thesis must take “Academic Personnel and Postgraduate Education Entrance Exam (ALES)” and get enough points and meet the other requirements of the programs they are applying for. ALES is not required for the Master's education without a thesis.

P.S.: International Students are not required to submit the ALES Score.