Message from Director

Dear Students,

The Graduate Education Institute (GEI) of Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University (IZU), with its 61 masters and 19 doctoral programs along with 3300 students in the social and science fields, has adopted a basic principle to educate distinguished scientists, experts and researchers who will contribute to scientific and technological developments and innovations worldwide. We are solely committed to encouraging you to develop your knowledge and skills in different areas of expertise through practice and academic research, to acquire advanced skills such as accessing information and generating new knowledge, critical-analytical thinking, creativity, problem-solving, writing, communication, collaboration and using technology in a high-quality academic environment. Our primary responsibility is to support your academic and career development. To realize these goals, we strive to provide you with services within the university with a highly developed library and laboratory, as well as with national and international teaching and administrative staff who are highly qualified and experienced in their fields. Also, we organize seminars and workshops to contribute to your academic and professional development, we invite distinguished academics to these events to share their knowledge and experience with you, we organize summer schools, encourage you to contact international scientific communities through exchange programs, conferences or research trips. Outside the university, we try to be in an effort to prepare you for professional life by preparing environments for the transformation of knowledge into practice with internship opportunities and project-based studies within the scope of university-industry cooperation.

Our ultimate aim is to train graduates who contribute to the development of science and technology at national and international levels, and who can address the social and global problems of our world, produce solutions, spread the information they produce to the society and take a leading role in the progress of humanity. I wholeheartedly believe that you will achieve these goals with the opportunities we offer you.

I wish you all success from the heart,

Prof. Dr. Metin TOPRAK
Director of the Institute