General Information

Institute of Social Sciences and Institute of Sciences at Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University were reunited under the name of Graduate Education Institute with the presidential decree with the decision No. 2319 dated 27.03.2020 published in the Official Gazette on 28 March 2020 with the official number 31082. The graduate programs within the closed institutes and the students studying in these programs have been transferred to Graduate Education Institute at Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University as of March 28, 2020.

Undergraduate education provides students with a broad, general and horizontal education. Postgraduate education, on the other hand, offers students an advanced study program and education focused on an academic discipline or profession. The Graduate Education Instıtute of Istanbul Sabahattin University (IZU) aims to enable the students to gain an in-depth (vertical) understanding, critical-analytical skills and individual research ability to become an expert in the field. For example, a good master's program teaches advanced skills in areas such as critical-analytical skills, creativity, problem-solving, writing, oral presentation, ability to communicate, collaborate and use technology, each of which can be applied to a particular field of study. These skills will contribute to both the training of the academicians needed by our institution and other higher education institutions, as well as the qualified manpower required by the private sector.

In line with this purpose, the courses, theses written and projects carried out in the Social and Science programs within the Graduate Education Institute will not only serve to strengthen the background of theoretical knowledge but also prepare students to find effective solutions to the social and technical problems encountered in every field of today's social life. In this way, both permanent and feasible solutions to the problems may be created, and academicians will be trained to contribute to the world of science at national and international levels. One of the main principles of the Graduate Education Institute is to attempt to have all kinds of produced works published to contribute to the scientific world.

Mission: The mission of the Graduate Education Institute is to train researchers and experts who will contribute to the accumulation of knowledge at both national and international levels through structuring, conducting and developing educational and research activities at the postgraduate level in the social and science fields.

Vision: The vision of the Graduate Education Institute is to become a preferred institution at national and international levels, with its graduate education, programs, research activities and products in the Social and Science fields.