General Information

The aim of our Law Faculty is to equip students with the ability of legal thinking. It also aims to educate them how to bring fair solutions to the existing and potential legal issues and to create service awareness for the society. Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University has set out to become a research center aligning with this vision, our Law Faculty aims to establish justice in every sector. We put importance on teaching our students all the knowledge and methodology of the age, especially the legal heritage of our geography and civilization. IZU Law Faculty aims to form the base for nurturing and training his nation’s future workforce of excellent lawyers. IZU places great importance on teaching the Ottoman language emphasizing its noble history. We provide the opportunity for our students to further advance themselves by learning English and Turkish as well as Arabic and professional German. In addition to these our academic team of highly distinguished made-up members in their respective fields will mentor and guide our students in the best possible way.