Dean's Message

Dear Students,

Islamic sciences Faculty is a faculty that gives education and conducts researches, based on fundamental religious beliefs and values. The analyzing and interpretation of permanent, universal religious principles and values on the basis of main sources such as Qur'an and Hadith is the main consideration of the entire education and training process. Meanwhile, the understanding and interpretation of other beliefs, teachings or conceptions are also part of the program.

Understanding and interpretation of Islam as both a religion and a culture and civilization has been the primary consideration in the establishment of Islamic Sciences Faculty. Religion, culture, history, art and civilization subjects in general, have an important place in almost all of the classes. In this regard, the primary aim of our faculty is to bring a new expression to the permanent and universal Islamic / religious values built on our experiences.  In addition to all these, a great importance is given to understanding and explaining the problems faced by people in the process of seeking meaning, producing credible humanitarian solutions to these problems, and expressing these proposals in a proper way. 

Briefly, the main driving force in the emergence of the Faculty of Islamic Sciences has been the perception of rooted religion and civilization. The main axis of our education program is the proper understanding of our religious and cultural values, the proper interpretation of faith principles and existence concept that have been emerged in different regions and periods.

Hope to meet you in a bright and peaceful education environment.

Prof. Dr. Hasan Kamil YILMAZ