General Information

Humanities and Social Sciences is a framework concept that takes different aspects and dimensions in an interesting and observing way of human, social, political and cultural life.

Human psychological structure, socio-cultural action, and relations, social, political and cultural life are studied and investigated by many scientific disciplines.

The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences is established to provide training and research in subjects that are relevant to people, society and politics from a disciplinary point of view. Special emphasis has been placed in the programs to be student-centered.

Students who have successfully completed the relevant part of this faculty are trained for the knowledge, skills, and competence that will enable them to deal with the issues and problems from a scientific point of view, to solve new situations, and to evaluate data and events.

With this in mind, the program aims to prepare the students with at least one foreign language, ability to recognize national and global issues and problems, to gain the collectivity of the youth who have the abilities of research, criticism, analytical thinking, independent evaluation, and are open to self-development. In addition to Turkish lecturers, there are foreign lecturers in each department

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences has 5 departments.

These departments are:

- Psychology
- Psychology (English)
- Political Science and International Relations (English)
- Sociology (30% English)
- History